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What is an enzyme activator and its characteristics and examples

When an enzyme acts as a catalyst in a chemical reaction and increases the rate of reaction, then this phenomenon is called enzyme catalysis.

In other words, to say its definition, the substance which is used to affect the velocity of the sum of the actions of plants and animals is called enzyme catalyst.

Enzymes are complex nitrogenous organic compounds. They are produced by living plants and animals and are high molecular weight proteins.

12th, Chemistry, Lesson-5

reaction – (sugar (sucrose)) + H₂O (water) → (invertase enzyme) C₆H₁₂O₆ (glucose) + C₆H₁₂O₆ (fructose)

NoteEnzyme is a protein, but a non-protein substance is also found in it, its name is enzyme protein. Its function is that it increases the activity of the enzyme.

Characteristics of enzyme activator

Friends, I am telling you the characteristics of enzyme activator so that you will know what its function is.

  1. The rate of the reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of the enzyme.
  2. The catalytic activity of enzymes is quite specific.
  3. Enzymes are colloidal in nature.
  4. Enzyme activity can be reduced or eliminated.
  5. Friends, the rate of enzyme catalyzed reaction is maximum at a certain temperature and pH.

examples of enzyme catalysed

In the example of enzyme activator, I am telling you what an enzyme converts into what.

  1. Maltose is converted into glucose in the presence of a maltase catalyst.
  2. Maltose is formed by hydrolysis of starch in the presence of diastase enzyme.
  3. The enzyme tylenin is present in the saliva of human mouth which converts this starch into glucose.
  4. The urease enzyme converts urea into ammonium carbonate.
  5. The enzymes catalytic invertase and zymase present in yeast convert cane sugar into ethyl alcohol.

final conclusion

Friends, today I have told you through this post that what is the function of enzyme activator and what it is, its symptoms and examples have also been told, if you like this post, then your school and college friends. To Please share thank you.

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