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What is Architecture Assistant Course of ITI?

Friends, today what is the architecture assistant course of ITI for you in this post? You will get information about. If you want to know then read the post completely

What is Architecture Assistant Course of ITI?

it’s very famous course You must know a little or a lot about its working. If you are not aware about it at all, then you will get the information through this post.

ITI Architectural Assistant

architecture assistant The job is to prepare the design of the building. The person who does this work, he architecture assistant it is said.

Architecture Assistant Course Duration

this course only one year of, a skilled architecture assistant He is the one who comes to make the design. Tool & Engineering Drawing Knows how to read and create.

When big buildings are built, their design is prepared first, then the building is made. Many houses are also designed and built. So put all these designs into one architecture assistant prepares.

nowadays architecture assistant For work is work. As you know, at this time only buildings are being built.

architecture assistant After doing the course you can do job in any company. Otherwise, you can work by opening your own office, because nowadays everyone gets the design ready to build a small house.

If you want to work abroad, you can do it there too. Because there is a lot of demand for this work there. There the design is made for only one room and better income is available than in India.

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