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What is atom?

Friends, I have written in this post What is Atomic? It has been told about, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is atom? (Atom what?)

The smallest particle of a substance that can take part in a chemical reaction or can be separated by a chemical reaction, that particle is called an atom.


atomic divisible and is made up of charged particles. It does not exist in the free state in nature, it is made up of three basic particles, of which one proton, second neutron and third electron it happens.
Protons and neutrons are present in the nucleus of the atom and electrons are present in the orbits of the atom.

Neutron has no chargethat is, it is chargeless. + 1.6 × 10–¹⁹ coulomb on the proton is excited and Electron on – 1.6 × 10–¹⁹ Coulomb There is passion.

Is an atom indivisible?

No, atom is not indivisible, first Atom People were confused by the word, because Atom meaning of the word inseparable it happens. That’s why everyone started saying that the atom is indivisible.

Atom is divisible, it can be divided. When an atom is split, it gets electrons, protons and neutron particles.

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