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What is called a polymer?|Types of polymer

Friends, you must have heard of polymer. If you are hearing or reading the name of the mode for the first time. So a question must have come in your mind that what is a polymer? Apart from this, you must have also come across this question in your mind. What is the use of polymer? What are its features? What are its properties? And what is its fault? If you want answers to all these questions, you can get information by reading the post completely.

What is called a polymer (Bahulak)?

Statistics The value or number that occurs most frequently in a given data in Mode it is said.

What is Mode?

In other words, the value of an observation whose frequency is repeated i.e. the observation with the highest frequency Mode is called.

Types of polymers

These are mainly of two types which are as follows-

1. Mode of Classified Data

Looking at the Frequencies in the Graded Frequency Distribution Polymer (Bahulak) It is not possible to know. So we can say that in such situation we can find only that class which has maximum frequency. to this time mode class it is said. polymer this mode class is the value inside which is found by the following formula.

mode = l + [f1 – f0 /2f1 – f0 – f2 ] × h

where, h – measure of class interval
f1 – Frequency of the mode class
f0 – Frequency before mode class
f2 – Frequency of the class that comes after the modal class
l – Lower limit of the modal class

2. Mode of ungrouped data

The term with the highest frequency in this mode In other words, it is a term that appears the most number of times in a statistical table.

Features of the polymer (Bahulak)

These are as follows-

  • Algebraic explanation of the mode is not possible.
  • The value of the mode is not much affected by the extraordinary units. It is a medium on which the highest and lowest scores of the series have little effect.
  • its approximate value can be easily determined.
  • Polymer (Bahulak) The distribution of the series is estimated to a lesser extent by K, as it is the point of the highest density.
  • Determination of the actual mode is very difficult and requires substantial calculations. A slight change in the method of its determination changes the value of the mode.

State the properties of the polymer (Bahulak)

  • Its value can be known only by observation.
  • This can be easily detected.
  • Unusual positions have no effect on this.
  • Its meaning is easily understood.
  • Its value remains the same in each sample of material.
  • Its value can be found even if the ends of the squares are open.

state the drawbacks of polymers

  • Its definition is not strong.
  • It is sometimes vague and uncertain.
  • It does not give equal importance to the posts.
  • number of posts and Polymer (Bahulak) Knowing the value of k, the sum total of the value of the terms cannot be obtained.
  • Its algebraic explanation in discrete series is extremely difficult.

How to use Bahulak

It is used to study the popularity of a commodity in the areas of trade.

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