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What is called viscosity? type of viscosity

Friends, what do I call viscosity in this post? It has been told about the types of viscosity etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is called viscosity?

When a layer of a liquid slides over another layer of the same liquid, a frictional force acts between them, which opposes the relative motion of the layers, this frictional force is called viscous force and is exhibited by liquids. this quality, viscosity It is called


Viscosity arises due to friction between the molecules of the liquid. The property of viscosity occurs only in liquids and gases. This property occurs in liquids due to cohesive forces between the molecules, the viscosity of gases is much lower than that of liquids. viscosity of an ideal liquid Zero it occurs.

Viscous force F = nA(∆v/∆x)

where, n = coefficient of viscosity
A = Layers Area
v/∆x = velocity-slope

type of viscosity

It is of two types, which are as follows-

1.Actual Viscosity

It measures the force acting between two plates filled with a thick fluid film. Its unit is CGS. in method Poise it happens.

2.Pure dynamics viscosity

The value of net dynamical viscosity, which is determined by the time a certain oil is passed through the capillary tube. its unit Stokes it happens. This viscosity is more commonly used in scientific fields.

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