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What is Chipping? How, by whom is it done? Useful angle in this.

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What is Chipping?

Chipping is the process of removing a thin layer of metal from the top surface of a job by chising it.

Friends, it is meant to say here that the layer removed by the chisel according to its capacity and requirement or the pieces of a job done by the chisel also come under chipping. The chisel requires pressure to perform this process.
Therefore, to pressurize the chisel, the chisel head is struck with the hammer, which causes the chisel to cut.

Angle of chipping process

During the chipping process, the following angles appear in the setting of the chisel, which are as follows-

1.Cutting Edge Angle

This angle is equal to the angle of the chisel point. Therefore, it has an angle according to the chisel.

2.setting angle

This angle is 40° for each chisel. Because under this each chisel is set by tilting it at 40° from the surface of the job.

3.Clearance Angle

This angle remains 10° for each chisel.

4.Rack Angle

This angle is 20° for each chisel.

Chisel setting for chipping

Friends, when we have to use any tool, first of all the teacher tells us about its mechanism. Similarly, it also has some rules.
When you’re chipping. So first set the chisel at an angle of 40° to the surface of the job. Then the chisel will do the cutting process.
If you set the chisel at an angle less than 40°, the chisel will have a lower clearance angle and a higher rack angle. Due to which the chisel will not be able to cut. And it will slip.

When you set the chisel at an angle greater than 40°, the clearance angle will increase and the rack angle will decrease. Due to which the chisel will sink inwards into the job.

How to do the chipping process?

Friends, before doing this process, remember the following things. which are as follows-

  1. If you have a huge job, you can chipping it in there. But in case of small job, first of all fasten the job firmly to the vice. And under the job, place the wooden blocks in the gap places. So that the job does not slip down.
  2. In the chopping process, always hold the chisel with the left hand and the hammer with the right.
  3. Before doing the chipping process, set the chisel properly. And keep applying oil on the cutting edge of the chisel. Which does not spoil the edge of the chisel.
  4. The side of the job from which chipping is to be started, it should be chamfered first.
  5. Chipping should always be done from the movable jaw of the vice to the fixed jaw.
  6. When chipping is reached at the other end of the job. Then hit lightly with the hammer. Otherwise the metal will crumble. And the job will be ruined.

Guys, what’s chipping you? Post Good If you do, please do comment and share.

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