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what is Computer-


Computer is also called computer in Hindi. this one Such It is the machine which accepts the data through the input device, then processes it and then shows the result to us through the output device.

You can also store data in it so that it can be used in future. Computer Latin words “Computare” It is derived from which means to calculate.

We use it to do many things easily. It solves even the most complex maths problems in less than a second.

It does not understand the instructions given by us in our language but only in the form of 0’s and 1’s which we speak machine language. This device does not have only one use, it is used almost everywhere.

what is Computer

You will often go to many such places everyday where there will be government or private offices. Till a few years ago, in these places, people used to use files and documents for their work, that is, paperwork was done.

But this device caught such an extension that now every The OfficeIn the office, you will see only these instruments.

This is because it allowed to write down an account and Calculation The hourly work of doing and the mistakes made in it have been made negligible. It is important to know what is its definition, along with this, here we will also know what are the parts or parts of a computer.

Till a few years ago, it was such a condition that not everyone knew about it. It was used only in office, school and college.

I saw this yantra for the first time when I was in 6th class.

We use this for all our work, yes, for doing almost all kinds of work. It has become as important as the importance of education. Because now even a graduate has a lot of trouble in getting a job.

2-What is the definition of computer?

“Computer is an electronic device that processes the input data from the user according to the program and then shows the result in the form of output. Which can be used in future also.

From the process flow diagram shown above, you can easily understand how the computer works. It mainly works in 3 steps.

The user takes the computer’s data from the input device as input data, after that the data that the user enters, it processes it through its program.

After this, the data is shown to the user in the form of output. It accepts and processes two types of data, one is Arithmetical and the other is Logical.

It is such an electronic device that can do many things very quickly and easily.

But still there are many people in the world who do not know many important things about PC. That is why in today’s post, I have tried to explain to you every little information related to it easily.

3-What is the Hindi name of computer?

By the way, in reality, many people who do not know what is the Hindi name of computer. it in hindi computer is called. Which means a device that calculates.

4- What is the screen of a computer called?

When we work in this device, we use the monitor for this, which is its output device. So you can understand for yourself that the screen is called a monitor.

5-How does a computer work?

Friends, everyone works in desktop and laptop. But not everyone knows how it works. So if you want to know then go ahead. You will get the answer to your every question.

Input:First of all, the user enters the data from the input device into it, it is called input.

This is the set of data or information. Which are of many types like letters, numbers, words, audio, video etc.

Processing:– This is an internal process. Processes the input data based on the instruction given in the program.

what is Computer

Output:– Seeing the processed data as a result on the monitor is called output. When the data is processed, we get it through monitor screen, printer, audio device.

5-Who invented the computer –

Its invention is one of the biggest inventions in the world. Because it changed the whole world. Now all the work is done from this. It has made the work of human beings very easy.

Do you know who invented it and who is its father. If you do not know, then know that the name of the person who invented it Charles Babbage Is.

Charles Babbage is said to be the father of this, who in 1822 “differential engine” Mechanical computer was made by name.

By the way, many people have contributed over time to develop or develop this. In 1837, he brought the first modern system to the world in the form of an analytical engine.

ALU (Arithmetic and Logic unit), basic flow control and integrated memory were used in the analytical engine. Today’s systems are also built on the basis of this model. This is the reason why he is called the father of modern age system.

6-Types of Computers by Size

super computer- Such systems are the fastest and most powerful. They are very expensive and they are used only for special purposes. Like weather forecasting, very complex calculations are done for this, which is why it is used.

Apart from this, it is used in animation, graphic designing, nuclear energy research, and calculation of fluid dynamics.

mainframe computer It is a very expensive and large size system which is capable of handling thousands of users simultaneously. If we talk about the hierarchy in this, then there is a microprocessor at the bottom which reaches the super computer which is at the top. Mainframes are below the super level.

If we talk about some occasions, then they are many times more powerful than the super system because they can run many programs simultaneously in which thousands of users can work simultaneously. But in a supercomputer, a program that runs at a time works much faster than the mainframe.

mini computer According to the size and power, they come in medium level. Mini computers lie between the mainframe and the work station. If we talk in simple terms, then these are such systems in which 4-200 users can work simultaneously.

micro or personal computer – It is this type of device which is made for the use of only one human, it is also known today as personal computer which is made on the basis of single chip micro processor. This mainly includes laptops and desktops.

desktop A personal or micro-mini system fits easily into a desk.

laptop These are systems that are portable, have an integrated screen and keyboard. They are generally smaller in size than desktops and larger than notebooks.

Palmtop/Digital Diary/PDA The systems that come into our hands are so small. There is no keyboard in this. In this, the screen itself acts as an input and output device.

work station – A terminal or desktop works as a network. Here we take it as a general term which means user’s machine (client machine) which is called server or mainframe.

7-Important Question-

1-Who is the father of computer?

In the 19th century, a mathematics professor named Charles Babbage invented the computer, due to which he is called the father of this machine or its father.

2. Who is the father of computer?

Charles Babbage is the father of this machine, who was a mathematician as well as a mechanical engineer and inventor.

3. How many types of computers are there?

There are four types of computers based on processing speed and size.
mini computer
mainframe computer
super computer.

4-Who invented the computer and when?

The name of the person who created it is Charles Babbage and who is also known as the father and father of the computer or say that due to the invention of the computer, he is said that the computer was discovered by Charles Babbage in 1823 AD. Is.

5- When did the computer first come to India?

Computers were first installed in 1952 at the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata. Thus the practice of this yantra started in India.

6. Which is the fastest computer?

The world’s fastest computer is China’s supercomputer named Sunway Taihulite.

7. Which is the first supercomputer of India?

India’s first supercomputer is PARAM 8000 and it was made in India in 1991 itself.

8. What is the computer screen called?

Its screen is called monitor which is also called visual display unit.

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