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What is craft production? and types of Indian sculpture

craft production in hindi: welcome to my website, in this article you will find craft production What is? And Indian Craftsmanship You will get information about the type. If you want to get this information, then read this post completely.

What is craft production?

mohenjodaro Very small of 7 hectares in 125 hectares of area Chanhudaro There was a settlement, in which only the work of craft production was done. Bead making, conch cutting, metallurgy, seal making and weights were done in Chanhudaro settlement.


types of indian art

Indian crafts are found in many types, such as fiber and carpet crafts, leather crafts, metal crafts, clay crafts, sculpture crafts and wood crafts are Indian crafts.

types of handicrafts

Indian handicrafts The arts are divided into three categories, namely commercial crafts, folk crafts and spiritual crafts. The commercial crafts are modified as per the demand of the market.

how to make beads

In bead making carnelian beautiful red colour, rhinestone jasfer, quartz and cellar Beads were made using stones, metals such as copper, bronze and gold, conch shells, fayons and clay.

craft sculptures

bead size

Some beads were made by joining two or more stones together and some were of stone with a gold cap. Beads are of many shapes such as cylindrical, drum-shaped, circular, circular and segmented shapes were made.

bricks, beads and bones

It was very easy to make bead with slakedhi which is a soft material. Some beads were made by casting a paste of slaked powder into a mould. In which solid stone beads were made of geometric shapes only.

The question of how the microbeads of succulents were made remains a mystery to archaeologists to this day. Experiments by archaeologists have shown that the red color of carnelian was obtained by cooking the beads in a fire, from the raw material and the various stages of production.

Identification of craft production centers

Raw materials such as copper ore, whole shellfish, tools, unfinished articles, rubbish and discarded materials are used by archaeologists to identify craft production centers by archaeologists.

bead making factory

Indus Valley There were bead making factories in Harappa, Lothal, Rangpur, Chanhudaro. According to archaeologists, large quantities of beads were made in these factories.

What is Artifact?

Craft art is called that, in which the craftsman creates with his hands fiber and carpet craft, leather craft, metal craft, clay craft, sculpture craft and wood craft.

What is the definition of craftsmanship?

Craftsmanship is the work in which a craftsman makes sculptures of clay, stone and metals with his own hands. Artisans who make sculptures from clay, stone and metal are called craftsmen.

What is the Craft Industry?

What is Metal Craft?

Metal craft work is being done since very ancient times, in this metal by metal build craft is done.

Where is the hidden craft famous?

Many artists have been honored at the national level in hidden crafts and Ujjain hidden craft The name of Bherugarh is quite famous in the country and abroad.

Who are the Craftsmen?

A craftsman who makes crafts after a lot of hard work with clay, stone and metals the architect it is said.

What is clay art?

in clay art Potter by soil clay pots and makes idols etc., he clay art it is said.

What is the importance of craftsmanship in education?

Through craftsmanship, today’s generation has to be introduced to the works of the old generation and the crafts and other items made by them through education.

What is the importance of craftsmanship?

conclusion– I told you through this post What is Craft Production? And have given information about the types of Indian crafts, I hope you liked the information I have told and definitely tell in the comment.

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