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What is Cyclotron? Its procedure and principles

what is cyclotron, Cyclotron (cyclotron) is a device with the help of which we accelerate positively charged particles with high velocity. discovery of cyclotron For the first time in the year 1932, Professor E. O. It was invented by Lawrence at Varkle Institute, California.

what is cyclotron

You guys know what a cyclotron is but let me tell you in another definition what it is. Cyclotron is a device with the help of which the energy of heavily positively charged particles such as protons, particles, etc. can be increased.

What is cyclotron, its structure

principle of cyclotron

Cyclotron this principle But it works that the frequency of the alternating potential difference between the dees should be equal to the frequency of revolution of the charged particles inside the dees.

Structure of Cyclotron

Friends, we have known what is cyclotron, now let us know what is the structure of cyclotron, it consists of two D shaped metal hollow spheres D₁ and D₂, which are called dijs and these dijs are short interval from each other. and a high alternating current source is connected between them.

An ion source S is present in the middle of these djs and a strong magnetic field is generated around these djs, whose direction is perpendicular to the planes of these djs.

mechanism of cyclotron

An ion of mass m and +q charge emerges from the ion source s when D₂ is at negative potential. Due to the negative potential of D₂, this positive ion enters D₂ and leaves the deflector plate moving along a path of radius R with a velocity V.

Limitations of the Cyclotron

  1. An uncharged particle such as a neutron cannot be accelerated by a cyclotron.
  2. If charged particles cannot be given more than a certain limit.
  3. Cyclotrons do not accelerate electrons because they have very little mass. Therefore, they move at a very high velocity only after receiving subtle kinetic energy.

use of cyclotron

  1. Nuclear reactions are studied using cyclotrons.
  2. Radioactive materials are made with the help of the use of cyclotrons.
  3. Cyclotrons are also used in the medical field.

Under the supervision of which scientist was the first cyclotron installed in India?

What is a cyclotron used for?

Cyclotrons are used in the study of nuclear reactions, in the field of medicine and in the manufacture of radioactive substances.

Which scientist discovered the cyclotron?

The discovery of Cyclotron was first done in the year 1932 by Professor E.O. Lawrence did.

What is Cyclotron?

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