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What is Direct Current Generator? (What is DC generator)

Hello friends, in this article we will know what is DC generator? What are its parts? And how many types are there? And learn about many facts related to it.

DC generator

DC generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The prime mover is used to give mechanical energy to the generator. Any DC or AC motor can be used for prime mover. The main prime mover is engine, petrol engine, gas turbine, water turbine, etc.

In a generator, a stationary part (stator) produces a magnetic field and a rotational part is the armature. The stationary part has magnetic poles and field winding. The conductor series in the armature coil are connected in parallel order. A commutator is used on the armature shaft which is connected to the armature drivers. There are fixed brushes on the commutator through which the current generated in the armature is given to the external circuit.

The rotation of the armature coil in a magnetic field (Φ) cuts off the magnetic flux by the armature conductors. As a result of which Faraday’s electromagnetic law (e = -NdΦ/dt) According to this, electromotive force is generated in armature conductors.

The action of electromotive force is shown in the figure. When the plane of the coil is perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field, the value of flux (Φ) linked to the coil is highest but the rate of change of flux glands is minimum. The rate of change of glands d(NΦ)/dt is maximum when the coil is rotated 90°, the electromotive force generated is also maximum. On 180° rotation of the coil, d(NΦ)/dt is again minimum due to the electromotive force also becomes zero.

Similarly, on rotation from 180° to 360°, the action takes place in the opposite direction. The shape of the induced emf is shown in Fig. 6.1(b).

The ends of the coil are connected by a split ring for the current to flow in the same direction.
The split ring acts as a commutator. It reverses the combination of ends of the conductor rotating with the help of bushes so that the direction of the emf always remains the same in the load R. On increasing the number of coils, the electromotive force produced becomes constant.

The electromotive force generated in a DC generator is determined by the following formula.

E = (ΦZN/60)(P/A)

Here, = flux produced by the magnetic field
Z = number of moves in the armature
N = armature rotation speed
P = number of poles in the field
A = Number of parallel circuits in the coil. It depends on the type of coiling i.e. coating or wave coiling.

Part of DC generator

The D.C. generator consists of the following parts –

Main field magnets

The function of a field magnet is to generate the main flux. this electric magnet There are. Pole magnets are made in mild steel. Thin conductor wire is used for field winding in shunt generator and thick conductor is used in series generator.


This is the main body of the generator (DC generator). The main poles are installed on it (on the inside). Cast iron is used for the yoke.


The armature is made by silicon steel laminations approximately 0.1 cm thick. In lamination, slots are made for the armature coil. The use of lamination reduces vortex current losses in the armature.

Armature Winding

There are two types of armature coil. Wedge is used to fix the coil coil armature in the grooves made in the coil armature. Copper conductor wire is used in armature coil.


The main function of the commutator is to make the electromotive force generated in the armature unidirectional. In commutator, wedge shaped key segments are used in hard copper.


Bushes are used to receive current from the commutator. The bushes are held in place by the bush holder on the commutator. Bushes always touch the commutator segment. Bushes can be arranged as needed by rotating them relative to the commutator axis. Bush Alternative: Carbon
or made from graphite. Copper can also be used to make buses.

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