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What is Dry Cell? its uses

Friends, I have written in this post What is Dry Cell? It has been told about its use etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Dry Cell?

a cell that is used Hand Clock, Wall Clock, Flashlight, Electric Bell, Toys etc., that cell is Dry Cell it is said.
this cell On the principle of the Laclanche cell Works, its texture is also similar to some Laclanche cells.

What is dry cell

Friends, you must have seen the dry cell very well and have also used it. It consists of a cylindrical zinc casing, which anode happens, it negative works of. Outside this cover there is another paper cover in larger cells, which is used because of being a poor conductor of electricity.

Apart from this, you must have seen a small black colored rod in the middle of the cell in the shape of a cylinder. which is made of carbon, this rod cathode happens, it positive works of. There is a metal cap on top of this rod.

You must have seen some black colored pulp inside the cell. this pulp Ammonia Chloride, Zinc Chloride and Plaster of Paris by making electrolyte as filled. in this Mainly depolarizing manganese-dioxide it happens.
electromotive force of dry cells 1.4 to 1.5 volts Happens till.

Friends, what if you have dry cell? If you like the post then comment by doing Tell and share with your friends too.

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