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What is electric heating? (What is Electric Heating)

Hello friends In this article we will know what is Electric heating? and with energy heat How is it generated? And what work is done with this heat? And how many types are it?

Electric Heating

The heating characteristics of electric current are used for industrial purposes such as melting of metals, hardening and tempering of metals, drying, welding works and domestic heating devices such as cooking, heating buildings. etc. is used.

Methods of Electric Heating (Types of Electric Heating) –

Direct Resistance Heating –

In this method an electric current is passed through the material to be heated. This method is used in many industrial applications, welding and boilers suitable for water heating.

Indirect Resistance Heating –

In this method, electric current flows through the resistance element and this generated heat is transmitted to the material being carried by convection or radiation. Resistance Oven, Immersion Heater, etc. work on this principle to heat water.

Induction Heating –

Induction heating is based on the transformer principle. It has a primary coil in which AC is passed. The primary coil is magnetically coupled to the metal to be heated. When AC is passed through the primary coil, an electric current is induced in the metal.

Induction heating

The value of this induced current depends on the following –

  1. On the result of the primary current (magnitude)
  2. On the number of turns in the primary and secondary circuits
  3. On coefficient of Magnetic coupling

This induced current causes a heating effect, as happens when a current is passed through a simple resistance.

Application of Induction Heating –

  1. Surface hardening
  2. Deep hardening
  3. Tempering
  4. Soldering
  5. Melting
  6. Metal extraction from smelting and ore

Dielectric heating –

This method is used for heating nonmetals such as wood, plastic, china clay, glass tiles, etc. Dielectric heating is also called high frequency condenser heating. Generally 20KV, 10 to 30 MHZ are used in dielectric heating.

Dielectric heating

When non-metallic materials are placed in an electrostatic field of alternating current, dielectric losses occur. These losses are used in dielectric heating. A high frequency ac supply is used to place the material to be heated in the form of a slab between two metal plates or electrodes.

Application of Dielectric heating –

  1. Dehydration of foods such as fruits and vegetables and tobacco.
  2. Drying the wood and gluing it between the layers of plywood.
  3. In the heating of bones.
  4. In electronic stitching.

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