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What is electrical fault how to fix it? (POWER FAILURE )

The following points must be kept in mind while planning to deal with any type of electrical fault:

  1. in working days Electricity In case of power failure, contact the company’s power station, they will give you the right directions.
  2. If Electricity damage to the building of the company or Electricity The fault has occurred after working hours. So immediately inform the public safety.
  3. If there is a black-out then
    • Turn off all the switches of electrical and other equipment as voltage fluctuations can occur which can damage the on equipment. Extinguish all the flames in the building.
    • Open the windows of the building to increase air circulation. If there are no windows at any place (like toilet, stair-well etc.), then get out from there immediately.
    • If you are stuck in an elevator, notify public safety immediately.
    • If you wish to leave the premises, ensure that all equipment is turned off so that there is no damage to the power supply.
  4. If there is a Brown Out
    1. Turn off the switches for electricity and other equipment.
    2. Open all the windows.
    3. Take appropriate steps to prevent damage to equipment that is sensitive to low voltage.
  5. Activate the building’s alarm if the emergency persists or you can notify Public Safety of the emergency over the phone. Take your essentials and find a way out by closing the office doors.
  6. Do not use the lift if an electrical fault has occurred.
  7. Help handicapped persons to get out of the building. Notify public safety if these persons are unable to descend the stairs.
  8. Walk at least 500 feet away from the building and do not enter the building unless permitted by the Public Safety Officer.
  9. Use a flashlight if there is not enough light to exit the premises in an emergency.

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