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What is Electrode?

An electrode is an electrical conductor that makes contact with non-metallic circuit parts of a circuit, such as an electrolyte, semiconductor, or vacuum. If in an electrochemical cell, it Anode or Cathode also known as.

What is Electrode?

when someone battery/cell To charge the Electrolyte present in it or to take charge from it, then two metal rods are used for this process, that Electrode It is called


We can flow current through a battery / cell only through the electrode. To charge or discharge the battery, two metal plates or rods are used in the battery, which we Electrode it is said.

Friends, when these electrodes are connected to the external supply, then it starts decomposing the electrode filled inside the battery, which is called battery charge say to be.

After the completion of the decomposition process, whenever the battery has to be used, then we take the output from the battery through these electrodes.

How many types of electrodes are there?

Two types of electrodes are used in any battery / cell, which are as follows-


Friends, you guys have in battery + sign in red or cell who would have seen Anode it is said. The electric current comes out of the electrolyte through the anode of the battery/cell.

This happens when a load or device is connected to the battery/cell and then the process of discharging the battery/cell starts.

In other words, the anode is the metal rod through which the current flows out of the electrolyte. Positive symbol (+) to anode is displayed from.


you guys Black in battery or in cell – symbol who would have seen cathode it is said. electric current through cathode Electrolyte enters inside. Negative Symbol (-) to Cathode is displayed from.

Electrode FAQ

1. How many types of electrodes are there?

It is of two types, of which the name of the first Anode and another name cathode Is.

2.Anode terminal is made of which metal?

This Copper is made of metal.

3. What is the function of Anode Electrode in Battery/Cell?

4.Cathode terminal is made of which metal?

This also Copper is made of metal.

5. What is the function of Cathode Electrode in Battery/Cell?

It’s in battery/cell Negative Plate works of.

Where are the electrodes of Anode & Cathode placed?

What type of substance collects at the anode electrode?

under his plate impurities layer accumulates.

8. Where do pure metal particles collect and impure particles collect in metal purification?

Pure metal particles in this process cathode and impure metal particles start coming on the electrode of Anode remains on the electrodes.

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