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What is emulsion? and types of emulsion, examples, uses

A system in which droplets of one liquid are dispersed in another liquid, that is, when a liquid dissolves in another liquid immiscible liquid to form a colloidal solution is called an emulsion.

12th, Chemistry, Lesson-5

type of emulsion

  1. oil in waterWhen a large amount of water is stirred with oil, an oil-type emulsion is formed in the water. Example- milk
  2. water in oilWhen a large amount of oil is mixed with a small amount of water, a kind of emulsion is formed in the oil. Example- cod-liver or cold cream


  1. Digestion of fats in the stomach and small intestine takes place through the process of emulsification.
  2. The mechanism of soap and detergent can be explained only by emulsification.
  3. In the construction of roads, sulfate emulsified in water is used.
  4. Milk, which is an important part of our diet, is actually an emulsion of liquid fat into water.


When two or more liquids are mixed together, an emulsion is obtained, this process is called emulsification. Emulsions are not stable because the cohesive force between the liquids is high.

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