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What is Facing? purpose of facing

Friends, what is the face in this post? And the purpose of facing etc. has been told, if you want to get information then read the post completely. So let’s start-

What is Facing? (Facing what?)

“The process of making the end of a job flat on a lathe machine is called Facing They say.”
In this process the ends of the job are made perpendicular to its rotational axis. During this process longitudinal feed is not required, but rather a depth of cut is given to the tool.

Facing what

A cross slide is used to deliver this type of feed. The facing process is done by keeping the tool parallel or perpendicular to the side of the job.
When the facing process is performed, the tool is used periphery to center or center to periphery to deliver the feed.
But still the feed from the center to the periphery is more prevalent.
There are two types of facing, the first of which rough and the other sophisticated Facing happens.
In rough facing, more material is removed from the face of the job by more feed and cut depth, and in refined facing the surface obtained from rough facing is made smooth.

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purpose of facing

  • These are as follows-
  • Removing rough surfaces on the job face to give a finishing surface.

  • Maintaining the length of the job.

  • To obtain a reference surface or surface for marking.

  • Measuring the length of the job.

  • Obtaining faces perpendicular to the axis of the job.

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