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what is fitter? How many types of fitters are there? What is the full form of fitter?

A fitter is a person who repairs machines running in companies or workshops when they fail. A skilled fitter always works with safety in mind. (Fitter kya hai in hindi)

what is fitter?

“A person who does fitting work in any workshop or companies, fitter to person They say.”

friends, one good fit and fitR is the one to whom the fitter is related surgery like- Filing, Drilling, Reaming, Chipping, Welding, Hacksaw, Turning, Forging, Soldering, Maintenance Work, Sheet-Metal Work, Pipe Fitting, etc. about theoretical and practical There is information.
some tools Like- Nut, Bolt, Hammer, Screw, Chisel, Sand, Hacksaw and some machines like- Drill machine, Lathe machine about etc. practical and theoretical There is information.

FITTER ki full form

Fitness Intelligent Talented Target Efficient Regularity

How to become a good fitter?

To become a good fitter one must keep the following things in mind. Which are as follows-

  1. Understand or read engineering drawings thoroughly before doing any project or practical work.
  2. Make a list of the tools and machine tools to be used according to the drawing.
  3. After this, make a list of the operations to be done on the manufactured product.
  4. Properly handling the machine in use 5’S’ Make use of lubricant.
  5. While working, take care of the safety of yourself, machine, tool etc.
  6. Don’t touch a machine you don’t know about. nor run.
  7. Measurements should be taken carefully. So that the measurement is not wrong and you do not suffer any kind of damage with the appropriate tool.
  8. Hold the job and tools firmly while working on the machine.
  9. Never go to the workshop wearing loose clothes. Because it can cause accident.
  10. Never mix cutting tools and measuring tools in one place.
  11. Maintain the respect of your seniors in the workshop.
  12. If for any reason there is an accident in the workshop. And it might affect someone. So give him first aid before the arrival of the doctor. And inform your senior and higher officials.

type of fitter

These are of the following types-

1.bench fitter

This type of fitter is mostly sand work from. A good and efficient bench fitter is one who has practical and theoretical knowledge about some operations like cutting, filing, drilling, threading, chipping as well as micro measuring instruments. And this type of fitters do about 90% of the work on benches and the rest on machines.

2.Maintenance Fitter

The work of this type of fitter is to maintain the machines in workshops or companies. These fitters enable the already closed machine to be operated by opening and tying it.

3.die fitter

The main work of this type of fitter is to make the die according to the product. Orders are given to these people of companies or workshops to make dyes according to the product. And these dyes are used to mold the product.

4.Pipe Fitter

This type of fitter has more knowledge of pipes and pipe fitting tools. These people are called to install water tanks in the houses. them plumber also say.

5.fabrication fitter

This type of fitter has complete knowledge about metal sheets, rivets and rivet joints. And these people like steel furniture- stool, trunk, cupboard and mesh make etc.

6.Assembly Fitter

The job of this type of fitter is to unscrew and fit the parts of the machines.

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Read in Hindi: what is fitter? How many types of fitters are there? What is the full form of fitter?
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