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What is Frictional Bearing? use this

Friends, I have read in this post What is Frictional Bearing? It has been told about the metal of which it is made, etc. If you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Frictional Bearing? (Friction Carrying Bearing?)

A bearing, which does not have a ballcage and a rolling element, is called Friction Carrying Bearing it is said.

In frictional bearings, the rolling element is replaced by a bush, which is replaced when the bushing is damaged, the bearing does not wear out.

Friction Carrying Bearing

When this bearing is used, the shaft moves through the hole of the bearing, due to which friction is generated. Therefore, an oil hole is made in this type of bearing to reduce friction.
Lubricants are added to this hole to reduce the friction between the shaft and the bearing and reduce the damage caused by friction.
The shaft running in this bearing does not last for life time, because due to friction, it gradually wears out and becomes unusable, due to which the shaft also has to be replaced after a long time.

friction bearing material

this bearing Cast Iron, Brass, Gun Metal, Bronze, White Metal or White Metal etc. are made.

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use of friction bearings

When we have to move the shaft of the machine at some place with less speed and with more load, then friction bearing is used at such place. This bearing is capable of moving in such a place.
In such a place, the anti-friction bearing is not fully capable of moving, as the rolling elements of the anti-friction bearing will wear out quickly due to overload or load.

Guys, what if you have a friction bearing? If you liked the post, then tell me by commenting.

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