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What is Galvanizing? Its aim

Friends, I have written in this post What is Galvanizing? It has been told about, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Galvanizing?

The process of coating zinc on a sheet or job made of steel Galvanizing it is said.

galvanizing one process To do this, first a sheet or job is cleaned with an acid mixed with sulfur and water.


After this on job or sheet ammonium chloride powder is put on. then melted zinc The job or sheet is taken out by dipping in it.

After the zinc coating on the job or sheet has solidified, the job or sheet is passed under a wire brush roller to remove excess zinc on the job or sheet.

zinc bath temperature 450°C to 465°C is placed between

For what purpose is galvanizing done?

job or sheet made of steel to protect against rust is done.

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