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What is Gate Valve?

Friends, I have read in this post What is Gate Valve? It has been told about, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Gate Valve? (Gate Valve kya hai?)

This valve is most commonly used in water works to control water. This sluice valve known as. this valve Cast Iron are made of.

Gate Valve

These valves are placed in the main lines of water from the water sources to the city or village. 3 to 5 km placed at a distance. When there is a need to stop the flow of water in the main lines, then this valve is closed and the water is stopped from flowing.

In a gate valve, a round disc is attached to a spindle spindle. This spindle is attached to the stuffing box. This valve is opened or closed by rotating the wheel mounted on it.

of these valves Body Dome, Gate, Lid & Stuffing Box Cast Iron and its other parts Valve seats, nuts, spindles, tins and bronzes of are created. spindle seat and other parts machining process are made smooth.

Guys, what if you need a gate valve? If you liked the post, then tell me by commenting.

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