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What is germination?

What is seed germination?

Seed germination can be described as the basic interaction by which various of plants species Plants develop from a single seed. This cycle affects both the yield and quality of the crop.

A typical example of seed germination angiosperm Or the growth of seedlings from the seeds of gymnosperms.

Requirements for seed germination

Seed germination Here are some important requirements that are fundamental for a seed to grow into a seedling and plant form.

Water: It is used for the germination of seeds. Incredible categorically necessary. some seeds Incredible are typically dry and require a lot more water than the dry weight of the seed. Water plays an important role in seed germination.

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Factors affecting seed germination –

  • external factor – Water: Poor people or excess inventory of water affects the germination of the seed.
  • Temperature: It affects the growth rate in the same way as the digestion of seeds.
  • Oxygen: Germinated seeds breathe energetically and discharge the energy needed for their growth. Subsequently, the lack of oxygen affects seed germination.

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