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What is graphite?

What is graphite?

graphite The purest and most stable of carbon is insatiable, its structure is hexagonal in this carbon proof three other atoms of carbon are bonded to which the set cone stops rotating from carbon atom to other carbon atom, hence it is a conductor.

what is graphite

properties of graphite

  1. Graphite is a great spectator of black color and a shiny material.
  2. Graphite is soft and flaky which feels like soap to the touch.
  3. Graphite is much lighter than diamond. The specific density of graphite is 2.3.
  4. Graphite is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
  5. Graphite makes black marks on the paper. For this reason graphite is also called black glass.
  6. When graphite is heated at extremely high pressures in the presence of certain catalysts, it turns into diamond.

uses of graphite

  1. Graphite is used as an electrode in dry cells and in electric arcs. The use of graphite is based on their angle that graphite is a good conductor of electricity.
  2. Graphite is used to make black colored paints.
  3. Graphite powder is used as a lubricant in heavy machinery where other lubricants are unsuitable due to high temperatures. The use of graphite as a lubricant is due to its softness and smoothness
  4. Graphite is used to make pencil coins which are called pencil lead. On what property is this use of graphite that, being black and soft, gives black lines on paper.

1. What is Graphite?

Graphite is the purest and most stable form of carbon, its structure is hexagonal. In this, three other carbon atoms are bonded to the carbon proof, which stops rotating from the carbon atom to the second carbon atom, hence it is a good conductor.

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