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What is Hexa? What is Hexa Blade? Its Types (Hacksaw)

What is Hexa?

There is often a need to cut iron logs, plates, pipes or sheets etc. in the workshop. This work is done by Hexa (Hacksaw) in the fitting shop.

main parts of hexa


1.hexa frame

The main part of the Hexa is its frame which is made of mild steel. And it happens in ‘C’ shape. It has a fixed screw at one end, which has a pin on the inside and a handle on the outside. The other end is fitted with a sliding screw, which is pinned on the inside of the frame and a fly nut is mounted on the outside. Both the pins are inserted into the holes in the hexa blade and the fly nut is then tightened to make the blade fit tight. After this our Hexa is ready to work.

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Types of Hexa Frames

(a.) Fixed Hacksaw Frame

In this we can use blade of only one length. For example, if the frame is 250 mm in length, then he will not be able to use a smaller or bigger blade than this. This frame is called fixed frame. There are two types of this frame.

  1. Straight Handle
  2. Pistol Grip Handle
Fixed Hacksaw Frame

(b.) Adjustable Hacksaw Frame

The adjustable hexa frame is made in two parts. The side part of the adjustable screw has grooves. The length of the frame can be adjusted in this. Blades ranging from 200 to 300 mm can be used in this frame. There are three types of these frames.

  1. Straight Handle
  2. Pistol Grip Handle
  3. Tubular Type Handle ( Tubular Handle)
Adjustable Hacksaw Frame

(c.)Deep Cutting Hacksaw Frame

It is in a ‘U’ shape, it is also a frame designed to use blades of the same length as the fixed hexa frame. But its depth is kept very high, due to which it does not get stuck in the job even after cutting it to the depth.

Deep Cutting Hacksaw Frame

2.Hacksaw Blade

The cutting part in Hexa is the Hexa Blade itself. It is in the shape of a strip, both the ends of which are cut in roundness. It has pin holes at both ends, with the help of which it is fitted in the hexa frame. It has teeth cut in both or one side, which are inclined in one direction.

Hacksaw Blade

Carbon steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel are used for hexa blades. After cutting teeth and making holes, it is hard and tempered. Sometimes the part of the hole is annealed. The leaf thickness of the blade varies from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm and width from 12 mm to 16 mm. These are used in 25 cm or 30 cm lengths. The length of the blade is the distance between the centers of the holes made at its two ends.
The distance between the corresponding points of two teeth is called the pitch of the teeth. Thick pitch, medium pitch or thin pitch blades are used. Thick pitch from 1.5 to 2.0 mm, medium pitch from 1.0 to 1.5 mm and thin pitch from 0.8 to 1.0 mm. Thick pitch blades are used for thick sections and fine pitch blades are used for fine (thin) sections.

Hexa Blade Types

(a.)All Hard Blades

Heat treatment of hexa blades is done in many ways. The entire body of some blades is hardened and tempered by heat treatment. These are called All Hard Blades. The teeth of these blades don’t wear out easily, but when the hacksaw is skewed or stuck, seem Only break. Only skilled craftsmen can use them. They do not have flexibility. These blades are made of high carbon steel or high speed steel. This type of blade is used for cutting hard metals.

(b.) Half Hard Blade

To prevent the blade from breaking, it is hardened to half the width of the teeth. The remaining part remains soft, which prevents it from breaking. The hardness of this blade is low, but its teeth wear out quickly. But due to the flexibility of the blade, it can be easily used by unskilled or semi-skilled workers. It is used to cut less hard or soft metals.

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