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What is Internet? full form of internet

Friends, what is the Internet in this post? Full form of internet and Hindi meaning of internet etc. have been told, if you want to get information then read the post completely.

What is Internet? (Internet kya hai?)

A technology through which two or more servers, computers and data centers are interconnected, is called Internet it is said.


Example:- Nowadays everyone knows something about Facebook and runs Facebook. In Facebook, we upload photos and videos, and send messages to our friends, then all this data is first stored in the data center of Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, America.
When we have to view this data, it is the internet that helps us to reuse the data we have uploaded.

Full Form of Internet

full form of internet ‘Inter Connected Network’ it happens.

internet meaning in hindi

Internet The word is of English language, it is in Hindi language. ‘internet’ It is called a network of networks that connects computers all over the world.

When did internet come to India?

internet india 1989 I had come.

Friends, what if you have internet? good post engaged If yes, then tell me by commenting.

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