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What is ITI Welder Trade?

I t i welder The trade is very old, in this trade information is given to join two metal pieces together.

For connecting most iron parts nowadays welding is used. welding to do welder is needed.

ITI Welder Trade

So today I will tell you that ITI welder What is trade? How do you become a skilled person by taking this trade course? welder You will become

What is ITI Welder Trade? (ITI Welder trade kya hai?)

The trade of ITI under which two or more pieces of metal welding through information to connect with Welder Trade it is said.

welder An ITI is a trade or course, which is one year of happens.

What is ITI Welder Trade?

welder in trade in just one year theoretical and practical All information is given.

After doing ITI from this trade you can government or private You can do job If you do not want to do a job, then you can do your own business apart from this.

Eligibility for taking admission in ITI welder trade

I t i welder To take admission in the trade, it is necessary to have at least 8th pass. If your ITI after 10th pass welder If you want to do business then you can do course.

ITI Welder trade subject

On doing ITI from this trade, one gets to read five books-

1.ITI Welder Theory

In this subject it is told that welding What tools and gas are required to do this, all these are told.

2.Workshop Calculation and Science

Some topics in this subject are of Science and Maths, which are taught about.

3. Employability Skills

In this subject, the training of the trainee’s behavioral skills is given. So that you will be able to go to work in companies.

4.Engineering Drawing

In this subject it is told, how to see any shape.

ITI Welder Subjects

It is also learned that the drawing symbol of the tool in use is given.

5.Welder Practical

Under this subject it is told, how welding Is performed, welding One is given to do it himself, so that he can understand well. That welding What is needed when doing

ITI welder certificate

I t i welder In trade you have two types certificate will get. one of SCVT and another NCVT Will happen. SCVT of certificate Will be valid in cable stent.

NCVT of certificate All India will be valid.

What is the certificate of SCVT and NCVT?

When you take admission you will be taught in a whole year and after that which certificate he will get SCVT of will be

SCVT Of exam In negative marking Doesn’t happen. With this certificate you State I can work anywhere. When you go out of state you will get this (SCVT) Of certificate will not be able to work with for this you NCVT certificate would be required.

NCVT of certificate before to take SCVT Gotta pass. After that a form has to be applied. after which NCVT of level exam Will happen. This exam on passing you NCVT You will get a certificate. This certificate all through you India and abroad I can work too.

1.How long does the welding course take?

in welding course one year looks like.

2. Which is the best course in ITI?

3. What is the salary after ITI?

ITI salary depends on the company and what knowledge you have, as a fresher you 10 thousand to 15 thousand rupees can hope.

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