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What is Jack? How many types are these? about its use.

Jack kya hai in hindi :- Welcome My Website- iticourse.com Guys, what is Jack in this post? And its types have been told.

What is Jack?

“The assistive device, which is used to lift heavy machines or loads to a low height, is called a jack.”

Types of Jack

It is of two types, which are as follows-

1.Screw Jack

This type of jack is used to lift heavy objects to a low height in the upward direction. Like when the wheel of our vehicle like truck, car, bus etc. gets punctured. So this jack is used to lift the car before the wheel is opened.
The body of this type of jack is made of cast iron. And the screw in it is made of steel. This screw has a square thread cut. And at the top end of this screw there is a platform, which is made of steel. This platform itself provides the base for the load carried by the jack. And to turn the screw, a steel rod is used, which is called a lever arm.

2.Hydraulic Jack

These types of jacks are used for lifting and fixing large machines and bodies at a fixed place. A weight of 500 tonnes can be lifted by this jack to a height of 0.3 m.
There is no thread system in this jack. In this, a chamber is made in the rear side. A lever is fitted in this chamber. When this lever is pressed, the mineral oil filled in the chamber is pressurized, then this oil goes into the cylinder, and lifts the piston upwards. Due to which the load placed on the piston rises along with the piston. And when the piston has to be brought down, a valve is fitted. By opening this valve, the oil filled in the cylinder goes into the chamber. And the piston settles down.

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Read in Hindi: What is Jack? How many types are these? about its use.
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