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What is Jhol? (what is a Sag in hindi)

Hello friends, in this article we will know what is a sag? And what are the factors affecting the oscillation? And learn about many facts related to it.


If a flexible wire of uniform field area is tied to two suspension points and allowed to hang naturally, it will hang in the form of a curve between those two points. The difference in levels of the support points and the lowest points of the wire is called sag or dip.

Factor affecting the sag

The following are the factors that affect the agglomeration –

  1. Weight W per unit length of the conductor
  2. span of supports ((span) l
  3. Tension in the conductor T
  4. air velocity pressure on the conductor
  5. driver temperature

If the swing d m, the distance between the snakes (span) l m, the weight W kg per meter per unit length of the conductor and the tension T in the conductor at point O as shown in the figure0 kilogram then,


sag d = Wl²/8T0 meter

load on the driver due to the weight of snow Force, is in the direction of the load of the conductor. Hence, the effective load of the conductor,

W = WC + Wi kg

When the wind moves, the wind velocity exerts pressure on the conductor in the horizontal direction. Which is proportional to the projected area of ​​the conductor.

Projected area of ​​the conductor = dl square meter

where d = diameter of the conductor
l = length of conductor

Pressure W on the conductor by air velocityw = (2/3) dl × W’w

W’ herew = Pressure per unit area

If snow of thickness t is falling on the driver then

Ww = 2 (d + 2t) l × W’w/3 kg

To find the swing in the conductor, the effective load of the driver

W² = (WC + Wi)² + W²w

If the direction of action of the effective load on the conductor makes an angle of with the vertical plane, then

= tan¹{Ww/(WC +Wi,

Vertical swing = d cos
Horizontal swing = d sinθ
So cosθ = (W)C +Wi)/W

and sinθ = Ww/W

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Read in Hindi: What is Jhol? (what is a Sag in hindi)
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