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What is magnetic circuit? , What is the magnetic circuit?

Hello friends, in this article we will know what is magnetic circuit? And will learn about different types of magnetic circuit? And learn about many facts related to it.

magnetic circuit | magnetic circuit

We will discuss some magnetic circuits that the reader may find in many practical rings under the flux density, B conditions.

Simplest Magnetic Circuit | Simplest Magnetic Circuit

The simplest magnetic circuit is one that is of the same cross-section and material. Figure 8.3 shows such a circuit. It is in the form of an iron ring.

simplest magnetic circuit

Flux density in the ring, B = /a

H = B/µ0 µr

Required to generate flux in the AT ring = H × Average length of flux path = H × l

Category Magnetic Circuit | Series magnetic circuit

range magnetic circuit flows through. In a series magnetic circuit, the same current flows through each part of the circuit. Compare this to only one series electric circuit which carries the same current throughout. Consider a composite magnetic circuit consisting of three different magnetic materials of different relative permittivity along with an air-gap as shown in Fig. 8.4.

series magnetic circuit

Since the parts do not have the same cross-sectional area, the flux density will be different in different parts. If we are given flux and m.m.f. we take one part at a time

and flux density B, magnetic force H (H = B / µ0 µr or more precisely from the BH curve for magnetic materials, not air-gap) and find the product Hl for that part. The total mmf required will be the sum of these products i.e.

Required mmf = Hl1 + Hl₂ + Hl3 + Hg lg

Here, H1 = B1 / µ0 µr , H₂ = B₂ / µ0 µr , H3 = B3 / µ0 µr , Hg = Bg / µ0

Parallel Magnetic Circuit | Parallel Magnetic Circuit

Magnetic core consisting of parallel branches. A magnetic circuit in which there is more than one path for the magnetic flux is called a parallel magnetic circuit. It can only be compared to a parallel electric circuit in which there is more than one path for the passage of current.

Parallel magnetic circuit

The concept of parallel magnetic circuit is shown in Fig. 8.5. Here a coil of N turns the wound on the part of AF, carrying a current of ampere. The magnetic flux established by the coil, at B splits into two paths, namely;

  • magnetic flux2 The path passes along BE.
  • The magnetic flux 3 follows the path BCDE.

The magnetic flux paths BE and BCDE are in parallel and form a parallel magnetic circuit. The AT required for this parallel circuit is equal to the AT required for any given path.

let s1 = reluctance of EFAB path

S2 = BF path reluctance

S3 = reluctance of BCDE path

Total mmf required = mmf for path EFAB + mmf for path BE or path BCDE

NI =1 S₁ + S₂ = S₁1 +3 S3


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