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What is meant by political party?

meaning of political party

political A party is an organization of individuals having common ideology and principles and whose aim is to gain power through collective efforts. Political parties actively participate in politics. Following are the main definitions of political party:

definition of political party

1. According to Gatel-“Political party is that community of citizens which acts as a political unit and seeks to control the government and carry out its general policy by exercising their voting power.”

2. According to Leica-Political parties are defined as that community of organized citizens who work together in one place as a political unit. They have similar views on public questions and they want to establish their hegemony over the government by exercising the power of voting for the fulfillment of the common object.

3. According to Frederick-”A political party is a group of individuals who are permanently organized for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining government control for their leaders and further disciplined efforts to gain profits.

4. According to MacIver-“Political party is a community which is organized to support a particular principle or policy and it takes recourse to this principle or policy to form a government by constitutional means.”

5. According to Gilchrist-“Political party is a community of individuals whose members share the same political views and who try to control the government by acting as a political unit.”

Importance of political parties in democracy

democratic Political parties are essential for governance. gilchrist According to him, democracy is not the rule of the people but the rule of the representatives of the people. Lord Bryce According to him, a political party is essential in a democracy. No large independent country could live without them. No one has been able to explain how representative government can be run in their absence.

In short, the importance of political parties in a democracy is from the following points of view-

  1. Creating healthy public opinion.
  2. Conducting elections.
  3. To represent the interests of all classes.
  4. To establish coordination in the various organs of the instrument.
  5. Formation and operation of government.
  6. Keeping the power of the government limited.

At present, no democratic system of governance can function in the absence of people. Some time ago in Nepal, an attempt was made to adopt the principles of partyless democracy, but this effort was complete or unsuccessful.

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