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What is meant by Yellow Revolution?

yellow revolution

related to the production of oilseeds. This scheme was started with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in its production. The oilseed cultivation program covers 337 districts of 23 states. As a result of this revolution, significant achievements have been made in India’s edible oils and oilseeds production.

father of yellow revolution

Who is the father of the Yellow Revolution, tell that in the 1980s, when the country’s edible oil imports reached an alarming level, then former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi himself intervened and started a technical mission on oilseeds.

Under the Yellow Revolution, Oilseeds Technology Mission was started with the objective of making the best use of production, processing and management technology with a view to achieving self-sufficiency in oilseeds production. It is only as a result of the ‘Yellow Revolution’ that our country has been able to achieve significant achievements in the production of edible oils and oilseeds.

Efforts to increase oilseeds

1. Increase in Minimum Support Price – In order to make oilseeds products attractive, the government has also increased the minimum support price substantially. In 1989, the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices drastically increased the realization prices of oilseeds.

2. Improved Seeds – The government has tried to increase the productivity of oilseeds in the country by providing improved quality seeds to the farmers.

3. Storage and Distribution Facilities

4. Establishment of National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited (NAFED).

5. Establishment of National Oilseeds and Botanical Development Board (NOBOD).

Thus, after the coordinated efforts adopted in this field, India has not only become self-sufficient in oilseeds production, but has also started exporting oilseeds products. In 1987, the total production of oilseeds was 127 million, which increased to 25 million tonnes in 1998-99. Groundnut contributes the most in this production increase of oilseeds, which is about 35 percent of the total production.

Due to low oilseed production-

1. Less area of ​​oilseed crops in the total agricultural land.

2. Use of domestic seeds, due to which adverse effect on the quality of oil.

3. Negligible use of food and fertilizers.

4. Crop protection and non-use of scientific methods.

5. To give priority to pulses production in mixed crop farming.

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