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What is Mohenjodaro Civilization? Information about its history

History of mohenjodaro civilization in hindi: Welcome to my website, I have told you through this post, Mohenjodaro Civilization Complete information about the history of, if you want to get information, then read this post completely.

What is Mohenjodaro Civilization?

Harappan Civilization You must have heard many facts related to, a civilization where people of thousands of years ago had found amazing ways to live life.

Mohenjodaro, a city of Harappan civilization, the city where thousands of years ago every such thing of comfort was present. But what happened that this civilization suddenly disappeared from the world map.

Stone Artifacts of Mohenjodaro Civilization

Mohenjodaro was a major city of the Harappan civilization which is today On the banks of the Indus River in Sindh Province in Pakistan It was situated in an area of ​​about 5 kms.

Discovery of this city about 4 thousand years old from today 100 years Happened earlier. From the 19th century till now, hundreds of places of Harappan civilization have been unearthed, one of them is Mohenjodaro.

Here explorers After working for many years, he searched the whole city from under the ground and skeletons were found at many places, hence this city came to be called Mohenjodaro.

The world knows very little about the Harappan Civilization, but whatever it is known, it is quite astonishing. In today’s post, we are going to tell you some such facts related to this civilization which will surprise you.

Discovery of Mohenjodaro Civilization

In 1856 a english engineer The one who was engaged in the construction of railway tracks in this area, found many people buried in the ground here. old bricks Milli, which looked exactly like today’s bricks, but was much stronger.

When a man from a nearby village told him that every house in that village is made of these bricks, which are found here when the land is excavated. Then that Englishman understood that these bricks are not ordinary bricks, then for the first time Charles Mason discovered the Harappan Civilization in 1942, After this Dayaram Sahni made the official discovery of the Harappan civilization.

Advanced Lifestyle of Mohenjodaro Civilization

The way people live in Mohenjodaro is most surprising. Mohenjodaro was more developed thousands of years ago than the then Europe and America.

The city of Mohenjodaro was spread over 500 acres, which was quite a size for the city of that time. The remains found here show that a large door opened the way to the city.

Waterproof Bricks of Mohenjodaro Civilization

Some such big houses have also been found here, which used to have up to 30 rooms. The bricks used to build the house here were not ordinary bricks, but waterproof bricks.

The bricks used in the bath houses and drains of the Mohenjodaro civilization were coated with a thin layer of gypsum and charcoal. layer of charcoal In no case did not allow water to escape, this shows that The people of Mohenjodaro also knew about an element like charcoal.which was discovered by scientists many years later.

Wells found in Mohenjodaro Civilization

It is believed that the world was given the gift of the well by the Harappan civilization. in this city more than 700 wells Evidence has been found.

Drains and wells of Mohenjodaro city

Many such things have been found in the excavation here, due to which it is understood that the people of this civilization also believed a lot in tantra mantra.

Evidence of people of Mohenjodaro living cleanly

The city of Mohenjodaro was not an ordinary city. There is evidence of having big houses and wide roads and many wells in this city.

You will be surprised to know that even a drain was built to remove water and dirt in this city. people here hygiene They were so much aware in the matter, that perhaps even today’s people are not.

You will be surprised to know that thousands of years old civilization used to have bathroom and toilet in every house and toilet is also what we call western toilet today.

Secret of the language of Mohenjodaro civilization

There is a mystery of Mohenjodaro which has never been solved till date, that is, what are the objects excavated from here? Script Scientists have not been able to understand till date.

If the language scientists of Mohenjodaro civilization can understand, then many thousands of years old secrets hidden here can come to the fore.

The Great Bath of Mohenjodaro Civilization

one in mohenjodaro huge swimming pool has been discovered, the size of which 900 square feet was. This great bath Name given.

The Great Bath of Mohenjodaro Civilization

The swimming pool found in Mohenjodaro was made with such a technique, under which it Indus river The water was filled.

The world’s most famous Roman bathswhich is considered to be quite old and historical, which was built hundreds of years after the Harappan civilization.

Mystery of God of Mohenjodaro Civilization

No remains of any temple were found in Mohenjodaro, but one found here deity with three faces on modesty An idol has been found around which there are elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah and buffalo.

The first traces of creation were found only in Mohenjodaro and idols of innumerable goddesses have also been found here. it means that People of Mohenjodaro idol worship I believed in

Statue found during excavation of Mohenjodaro

The surprising thing is that apart from the idols of goddesses, only one Shivling has been found here, which according to historians is more than 5000 years old.

Achievement in medical science of Mohenjodaro civilization

excavation of mohenjodaro When the teeth of some skeletons found in the area were inspected, a surprising thing came to the fore that they used to use dentures like today. it means that Medicine in Harappan Civilization It was also developed to a great extent.

Mysterious Symbols of Mohenjodaro Civilization

In 1999, a surprising discovery took place here. researchers That after many hours of hard work, some of the script of that time buried under the soil in the ground. letters and symbols Found, after examining which it was found that it used to be a big wooden board.

which used to be installed above the main gate of this city, but unfortunately the explorers found their Script cannot understand. The day the writing of that script is understood, the biggest secret of Mohenjodaro will come to the fore.

Flood Control Methods of Mohenjodaro Civilization

Another example of how developed were the people of Mohenjodaro civilization is that at that time these people built a big dam outside the city to save their city from flood water. Those people used to store the flood water in small tanks that were built around the city.

Not only did the whole city use this flood water, but they also used this water for agriculture throughout the year.

In today’s time, the villages of this place are completely filled with water during the rainy season. But 4 thousand years ago from today, the people living here had solved it.

Water Conservation of Harappan Civilization

Today in some of our cities there is a water problem during the summer season and yet we do not collect and use rain water.

Some of the explorers in Mohenjodaro Structure search from which it has been learned that the people of Mohenjodaro civilization used to collect rain water and use it.

Advanced Art Techniques of Mohenjodaro Civilization

The people here are made of iron, copper, brass and wood. jewelery and weapons and gold artifacts were expert in making and here in huge quantities coins There have been found which were made on clay with a special kind of mold.

Many modern toys of today have also been found here, which were made of clay and The people of Mohenjodaro civilization played a game like chess. Used to play too.

Trade and Economy of Mohenjodaro Civilization

business in mohenjodaro It used to be on a large scale, neither of those two currencies operated, but trade was done by exchanging things.

The people of Harappan civilization also traded with other countries by sea and the evidence of that has been found in Abu Dhabi.

In Abu Dhabi, the explorers have found a well and some objects related to the Harappan civilization have also been found in this well, which shows that People of Harappan Civilization Sea Route I used to travel a distance of 3500 km.

Mystery of the disappearance of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization

This in itself is a big question as to how the Harappan and Mohenjodaro civilizations came to an end.

Scientists have put some elements after carbon dating of some of the objects found here and it shows that the big change in the weather is due to this. the extinction of civilization There was a great reason to be.

The rivers there gradually changed their currents and there was a severe shortage of water, as well as bad monsoon brought many troubles for this civilization and this civilization became extinct.

Mohenjodaro was the civilization which if it had not been extinct then man would have progressed even more today.

Who discovered Mohenjodaro Civilization?

Mohenjodaro was discovered by the famous historian Rakhaldas Banerjee in the year 1922.

Where is Mohenjodaro Civilization located?

The Mohenjodaro civilization was settled in an area of ​​about 5 kilometers on the banks of the Indus river in the Sindh province of present-day Pakistan.

How did the Mohenjodaro civilization end?

The end of the Mohenjodaro civilization was due to the drying up of rivers, destruction of forests and deteriorating weather.

What is the meaning of Mohenjodaro?

The word Mohenjodaro means mound of the dead.

Who excavated Mohenjodaro?

Mohenjodaro was excavated in 1922 by Rakhaldas Banerjee.

Which was the biggest building of Mohenjodaro?

The biggest building of Mohenjodaro is the huge bath.

When was Mohenjodaro excavated?

Mohenjodaro was excavated in 1922 on the instructions of Director General of Archaeological Survey of India John Marshall.

Mohenjodaro is in which district?

Mohenjodaro is located in the Ladkana district of Sindh province in Pakistan.

What is the town plan of Mohenjodaro?

The people of Mohenjodaro used to build the city in a planned manner like a chess board (grid system).

Who and when discovered the idol of the dancer found from Mohenjodaro?

Another bronze statue was recovered from a house in Mohenjodaro, the height of which is 10.5 cm. It was received by Ernest Mackay in the year 1927 in the ‘HR area’ of Mohenjodaro.

What is Mohenjodaro famous for?

The people of Mohenjodaro are famous for living more hygienically than today’s era and for living in houses stronger than the bricks of today’s time.

final conclusionI hope you have liked the complete information about the history of Mohenjodaro civilization that I have told.

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