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What is National Electricity Code?

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you what is the National Electricity Code and how you can know this in electrical, if you want to know, then read this article completely, so let’s start.

What is National Electricity Code

National Electricity Codes which are made for the safe and installation of various electrical equipment and electrical wiring and all those special codes are called National Electricity Codes. Many years ago, there was no written standard code, due to which different electrical codes were adopted in different areas. And because of this a lot of confusion was also created.

When an electrician from one area moved to another area to repair or replace wiring or an appliance, he had to face a lot of problems because of the different codes. Therefore, to overcome all these problems, in the year 1897, National Electricity Codes were created by the National Fire Protection Association.

NEC Updates these codes every three years. The edition coming out in 2011 is the 53rd edition. It covers both the private and cultural sectors in the protection of life and property. The areas covered by Mr VIR National Electricity Code (NEC) are

  1. wiring and protection
  2. Wiring Type and Material
  3. tools for general use
  4. Special Occupancies
  5. Special equipment
  6. Special conditions
  7. communication system

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