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What is Ohm’s law called?

if a driver physical states For example, if the temperature, pressure, length and area remain constant, then the potential difference between its ends is equal to that of the flowing current. proportional it happens.

V=IR where R- is a constant.

R = V/I = Volt/Ampere = Ohm

Definition of 1 ohm

If a current of one ampere flows in a conducting wire, then a potential difference of one volt arises across its ends, then the resistance in that conductor wire will be. He one ohm Will be called


If the value of current in a circuit is 1 ampere and the value of volt is also 1 ampere, then the value of its resistance will also be 1 ohm.

graph between potential difference and current

Ohm ka Niyam

By drawing a graph between the potential difference and current of a conductor, a straight line is obtained, which states that potential difference on the rise of stream will increase and the current will also decrease as the potential difference decreases.

Limitations of Ohm’s Law

  • driver’s distortion do not arise
  • driver’s physical state There should be no change in
  • This applies only to metals.

Applications of Ohm’s Law

  • Using Ohm’s law, a conductor wire resistance is used to extract.
  • Using Ohm’s law, electronic circuit In, Regulator’s resistance To control, in specific elements voltage drop is done to.

examples of ohm’s law

  1. In one of the circuits, if 7A current is flowing and the resistance in the circuit is 5 ohms. Calculate the potential difference across the ends of the circuit.

solution:- Section (I) = 7 A
Resistance (R) = 5 ohm
Potential difference V= ?
According to the formula, V = IR
V = 5 × 7
V = 35 volts

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