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What is overhauling of machines? (Overhauling of machine)

Overhauling is done by opening all the components or parts of the machine according to the fixed time to keep the machine running smoothly and without noise. Overhauling means that a machine has to be opened and cleaned and fitted by greasing or oiling. The following actions are performed under overhauling of machines-

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(1.) Dismantling

During this process, the parts of the machine are opened with the help of suitable tools, after opening the parts are separated and placed in such a way that no wrong part is fitted during fitting later, so they are classified. (Classification) is kept.

(2.)Washing and Cleaning

In this process, after opening the parts of the machine, their impurities are removed by washing them usually with the help of kerosene or diesel or petrol. The parts are made airtight and free of oily residue using air, and then cleaned with a clean cloth.


In this process the parts are inspected after cleaning them. whether there is any stickiness or residue of any kind in the ingredients. The purpose behind inspection is also that the part containing error rss or non-standard should not be used.

(4.) Oiling

In this process, after the inspection of the machined parts, appropriate grade oil is applied in it as per the requirement, so that the working capacity of the parts is maintained smoothly.


After cleaning and oiling the machine parts, they fit the machine in its place. One thing to be kept in mind while doing this is that no attempt should be made to forcibly fit the machine parts into the machine.

Machine overhauling is an extremely sensitive task in which certain precautions should be taken primarily.

  1. Before overhauling the machine, get acquainted with all its parts, shape, structure and functionality and related information.
  2. Use only suitable and efficient tools in the activity of opening and tying machine parts.
  3. Marking of machine parts while opening and tying Sure Take care
  4. Assembly devices installed in the machine, such as nuts-bolts, washers, etc.; Open it and keep it in a separate plate.
  5. Do not hit the hammer with unnecessary and excessive force during assembly of the machine parts.
  6. After assembling all the components of the machine, inspect them closely.

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