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What is RAM? , Type | Features | Advantages | Harm

This computer A form of memory, which can be read and changed in any order, usually used to store working data and machine code. A RAM device is another direct-access data storage media (eg- Hard disk, CD-RW, DVD-RW and older magnetic tape and drum memory ), where due to mechanical limitations such as media rotation speed and arm movement, the time required to read and write data items varies significantly depending on their physical locations on the recording medium.

What is RAM? , What is RAM?

its full form in hindi language ‘random access memory’ it occurs. It is the main memory inside the computer. RAM in another language ‘Direct Access Memory’ also say. this one temporary memory This happens, when the computer is turned off, then the data inside it gets removed automatically. After that the data cannot be retrieved afterwards.


When we open an app in our mobile phone or computer, it uses the memory from the mobile or computer to open it. The memory used by the app is RAM and when the app is closed i.e. when the app is not running in mobile or computer then it does not use the RAM memory.

Types of RAM | Ram Ke Prakar

It is of three types, which are as follows-

  1. SRAM – Its full form in English language ‘Static Random Access Memory’ and in Hindi language ‘static random-access memory’ it is said. If a device inside this memory is turned off, then the data is removed from it. This type of memory does not store any data. This Flip flop and static random access memory Made together with. Repeat this memory to remember the data Refresh Don’t have to.
  2. DRAM – Its full form in English language ‘Dynamic Random Access Memory’ and in Hindi language ‘Dynamic random-access memory’ it is said. This memory works unlike SRAM. to remember this data again and again Refresh have to do. one in Capacitor it happens. Capacitors are there because they dissipate power slowly. When the power is exhausted, the data is also lost.
  3. VRAM – Its full form in English language ‘Video Random Access Memory’ it occurs. to this ‘Multiport Dynamic Random Access Memory’ (MPDRAM) also known as. This type of memory especially Video Adapter or 3 – Accelerator is used for. to this ‘multiport’ Also called because it has two independent access ports instead of one. This CPU and allows the graphics processor to be simultaneously accessed to the memory unit.

Features of RAM | Ram ki visheshataen

  1. The speed of this memory is much higher than that of secondary memory.
  2. That’s more than all the memory expensive There are.
  3. RAM memory is the most used in mobile or computer, so it Working Memory also say.
  4. In mobile or computer, all the apps or programs are open in RAM only. No app can work without RAM.
  5. If in our mobile Free fire & Pubg Like running games, we need more RAM to run them.
  6. our mobile or computer is an important device. The more it will be in our mobile or computer. The better our mobile or computer works. This is less RAM in our phone / system then it will run at low speed and hang as well.

Features of SRAM | SRAM ki visheshataen

  1. in making it extra cost it happens.
  2. very little of it power consumption it occurs.
  3. It works at a faster speed than DRAM.
  4. it from DRAM expensive it occurs.
  5. its size too much More it happens.
  6. very little of it density Therefore, it requires more space to store the data.
  7. SRAM does not have the capacity to store much data.
  8. this one static memory it occurs. Therefore it does not have to be refreshed again and again.
  9. in computer system cache memory can be used in place of.

Features of DRAM | DRAM ki visheshataen

  1. in making it low cost it happens.
  2. It has the ability to store more data as it has higher density.
  3. in this more power consumption That means it uses more electricity to run.
  4. This SRAM Compared to less expensive it occurs.
  5. its size less it happens. It is quite slow in speed.
  6. It works opposite to SRAM.
  7. this type of memory normal memory can be used as

Advantages of RAM | RAM ke phaayade

  • this memory read and write Can work for both.
  • Its power efficient.
  • Cost less than SSD and work faster than them.
  • this one Constituent which is required to be in a system to allow the storage of data. whom CPU will be processed by
  • this mobile or computer Increases the speed of the system. The higher it is, the faster it will work.
  • It is memory efficient. it to read the data of cpu hard drive storage much compared to Quick Is.

Disadvantages of RAM | Ram ke nukasaan

  • This memory expensive happens and it volatile memory Because of this, it is difficult to store data for a long time. If the system shuts down for any reason then data loss may occur.
  • If CPU only wants to read data from RAM, then Cash and registers Data access from ROM is slow compared to ROM.

RAM Qna-

What is computer RAM?

What is the full form of RAM?

What is the primary memory of a computer?

RAM is called primary memory.

What is the main memory of a computer?

What type of memory is RAM?

This Volatile Memory Is.

What is the function of RAM?

It works to transfer the data from the storage to the processor as quickly as possible and when the data work is over, the RAM transfers the data from the processor back to the storage.

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