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What is Ringing? Ringing Positions

Friends, in this post you will get to learn. What is that ringing? How is this done. etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Ringing? (wringing what?)

this one process by which two gauges are rubbed together. this process Slip Gauges It is necessary to connect them together to get the right size.


If this process is not done, then between the two slip gauges air gap If left, the size of the gauge becomes more. Due to which the measurement does not get accurate while measuring.

Ringing Process Positions

To do this process the following steps have to be followed, which are as follows-

  • To do this process first slip gauges dust and other impurities chamois leather But it is cleaned by rubbing.
  • then on the gauges lube to remove them carbon tetrachloride is washed by
  • after so much process gauging surfaces of two gauges to each other cross is kept.
  • By rotating the upper gauge with a slight pressure, the speed of both the gauges surfaces or surfaces Do it in a straight line.
  • After this the upper gauge is moved halfway out with pressure.
  • After this, the top gauge is re-aligned again.
  • processing so much atmospheric pressure Due to which the two gauges are joined together. gauges only by sliding can only be separated.

Similarly the other gauges are connected one by one and measurable accurate is prepared in

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