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What is security? How to maintain security? Follow the safety rules.

(What is safety?) Safety kya hai in hindi:- Safety is a process, which saves us from many types of accidents. Different security rules apply at each location.

What is security?

“Safety is the process and system to protect from any unwanted and unintentional accident.”

Friends, if you have taken admission in ITI, or those who want to take, then they are also told about security first after taking admission. What are the things and rules you have to follow while working in the workshop. By which you will be safe.

Many types of accidents happen in the workshop, but how can we avoid them-

  • If you don’t know about any tool, don’t touch it.
  • Always use appropriate PPE.
  • Work safely.
  • Don’t be hasty.
  • As much work as told. Do the same.
  • While explaining or telling something in the workshop, do not do things like over acting like: – opening and closing the vice standing empty etc.
  • If you didn’t understand despite being told how to use the tool. Then again ask practically before working in the workshop. If not asked, accident can happen.

How to maintain security?

Friends, if you want to work completely safe in the workshop, then keep the following things in mind. And understand the rules.

A.Key Points

While working in the workshop, take care of your own safety, job safety and also the safety of machines and tools.


These are as follows-


To maintain your own safety, the following things should be kept in mind. Which are as follows-

  1. When you are working in the workshop, be sure to wear glasses and shoes. Because glasses will protect your eyes and shoes will protect your feet from chips coming out of the machine.
  2. One should not stand with the help of a moving machine in the workshop.
  3. Do not operate a machine when you do not have complete knowledge of it. Otherwise you may get hurt.
  4. Oil should be poured from the oil flask on the parts of the moving machine.
  5. The machine should not be repaired while operating.
  6. Be sure to use a safety guard while operating any machine.
  7. Do not stand under the weight hanging on overhead crane in the workshop. If for some reason the weight has dropped. Then an accident can happen.
  8. When operating the machine, suitable electric wires in the machine should not be passed over the moving part of the machine. Because rubbing it can cut the insulation. Due to which electric shock may occur.

2. Job Security

The following points should be kept in mind to maintain job security. Which are as follows-

  1. The drawing should be read thoroughly before making the job. Otherwise the job will not be safe. That is, the job will be spoiled.
  2. The job should be tightly tied to the machine. Only then should the appropriate procedures be done on the job. If the job is not tied properly. So the processes will ruin the job.
  3. If the job is heavy, use a trolley to carry it from one place to another. Otherwise the job will be ruined.
  4. Before mass production of the job, fixtures and measuring gauges should be prepared for proper binding of the job. This will create jobs in more and less time.

3. Machine and Tool Safety

The following points should be kept in mind to maintain the safety of machine and tool. Which are as follows-

  1. Do not use tools of any kind on a moving machine. Otherwise both the tool and the machine will be damaged.
  2. The gears should never be changed while the machine is running. Otherwise, there will be a danger of breaking the gear box and gear of the machine.
  3. While filing, the teeth of the file should be kept clean. This will keep the teeth of the file safe.
  4. The file should not be kicked around while in use or even without use. Because this will damage the teeth of the file. And there is also the danger of breaking the file.
  5. A sander or file should never be used in place of a hammer. Otherwise the file will be broken.
  6. Before operating any new machine, understand it thoroughly. Then run the machine. Otherwise the machine may be damaged.
  7. The work of banging should not be done on the table of any machine. Otherwise the subtlety of the table will be lost.

Guys, what if you have security? Post If you like it, then do let us know by commenting.

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