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What is Self Induction? , Self induction or Inductance kya hai?

Hello friends, in this article we will know that self: induction What is (self induction)? What is its formula? And what is the coefficient of self-induction? And what is the reason for this? And learn about many facts related to it.

self induction | self induction kya hai

The property of a coil (or a circuit) by which it opposes any change in the amount of current flowing through it is called self induction. This conflict occurs because a changing current produces a self-induced emf. Who opposes the change of current.

Diagram for self induction

Consider a coil of N turns in which current is flowing. (See Fig. 9.7). Let the magnetic flux associated with each turn of the coil due to this current ? Is. Then the flux linkage of the coil N Will be If the current in the coil changes, the flux linkage of the coil will also change. then self induced emf in this horoscope

es = – d(N)/dt

Since the flux is due to current in the coil, it follows that the flux linkage (N) be directly proportional to section (I),


es – dI/dt or es = – LdI /dt, …………… (I)

where L is a constant of proportionality and “coefficient of self-inductance or self-inductance” It is said that its unit is Henry (1). Note that the negative sign in eq(i) reminds us that the self-induced emf opposes the current change.

If dI/dt = 1 A/s and es = 1 V, then, L = 1 H

Therefore a coil (or circuit) has an inductance of 1 henry if emf is induced by a change in current through the coil at the rate of amperes per second. Then 1V is said to be the large self-inductance of this coil.

If it has a large induced emf, the value of L for a given change of current through it is determined by the dimensions of the coil, the number of turns and the core material. relative permeability (μ)r, it depends on.

another expression :- When the current through a coil is change, then an emf es Inspired by it. This induced emf can be expressed in the following two ways:-

es = – d(NΦ)/dt ………….. (I)

es = – LdI/dt or – d(LI)/dt ……….. (ii)

We have two equations (i) and (ii) then,

NΦ = LI or. L = NΦ/I

A Henry’s Self-Induction | Self induction of 1 Henry

Thus self-inductance per ampere is the flux linkage of the coil. If N = 1 Wb and I = 1A Then, L = 1 H so in a coil 1 Henry has self-inductance if a current in the coil 1A total flux 1 Wb ( N = 1 Wb).


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