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What is shaft? shaft type

Friends, in this post What is shaft? (Shaft kya hai?) Its types and uses etc. have been told, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is shaft? (Shaft kya hai?)

it in shape Cylindrical It works as power transmission by reciprocating in the machine and it serves to provide base to the rotating parts of the machine on the machine.
The work of transmission of power by shaft, components fitted on a pulley such as- gear pulley etc. is done.

Types Of Shaft

These are as follows-

1.main shaft

Many machines are driven by this shaft, these machines are connected by belts by pulleys on the main shaft.

2.crank shaft

It is used in automobiles to continuously supply oil to the engines. It is fitted inside the engine of the automobile.

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3.cam shaft

This shaft is used to change the direction of motion. Using this circular motion can be converted into vertical motion.

4.Counter Shaft

This shaft is used to transmit power to the machine. By which the spindle of the machine is driven.

5.spline shaft

This shaft is used in gear box of lathe machine and automobile etc. The grooves are made along the entire length of this shaft.

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