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What is socket?

Friends, I have read in this post What is a socket? It has been told about, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is socket? (socket kya hai?)

It is a small piece of hollow pipe. The bangles are cut in full length inside it. Sockets are used to extend the length by joining two pipes of equal diameter.


Sockets are available in the market in different sizes as per requirement, such as- half inch, quarter inch, one inch e.t.c.

Friends, you must have seen that a plumber comes to your house to make the tap or to lay the pipeline of the tank. Then when a plumber has to extend the length of a pipe of the same diameter, he will use a smaller piece of pipe.
The plumber cuts the bangles in the outer part of both the pipes and the bangles are cut in the inner part of the socket. With the help of these bangles, a pipe is attached on one side of the socket and another pipe on the other side.

Sockets made of galvanized iron steel are used to increase the length by joining iron pipes and when connecting plastic pipes, sockets made of plastic are used to increase the length. Bangles are not cut in plastic sockets. In this, the help of bangles is not taken to increase the length by connecting both the pipes. An adhesive substance is applied to bond it.

Guys, what if you have a socket? If you liked the post, then tell me by commenting.

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