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What is Steel Rule? Types of Steel Rule

A steel rule is the simplest and easiest measuring tool. Flat Steel Rule Usually 6 or 12 inches Tall, but tall sizes are available. steel rule flexible or non-flexible, thin or wide can be. The thinner the rule, the more accurate it will measure.

What is steel rule?

steel rule Tool Which is used in the workshop to measure the measurements of a job or to check the measurements. Inch and cm marks are made on it, each inch 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/64 is divided into equal parts, and each cm is 1mm,1/2mm is divided into

What material is the steel rule made of?

Steel Rule Often Spring Steel & Stainless Steel is made of, in addition high speed steel The steel rule of K is also found.

steel rule size

its size marked on it cm or inch marks are taken. like- 6 inch,12 inch and 15 cm,30 cm.

Its least count – Metric system – 0.5 mm, British system – 1/64 inch or 0.015 inch

How many types of steel rules are there?

These are of the following types, which are mentioned below-

1.Standard Steel Rule

This is a simple type of steel rule, which is mostly used in the workshop, it is marked with inches and cm. at least 1/64 inch or 1/2 mm Measurements can be taken up to That’s why this steel rule is useful for simple tasks, it is often 6inch-12inch and 15cm-120cm are found up to but 6-12 inches and 15-20 cm Steel Rule is used.

Standard Steel Rule

2.Flexible Steel Rule

This type of steel rule looks like a standard steel rule, it is called a spring steel Made from thin leaves of That’s why it has more flexibility, it is mostly used to measure the work of curved shape. it is often 6 inch or 15 cm In are found, but according to the work, the steel rule is also found for lengths greater than this.

Flexible Steel Rule

3.Narrow or Thin Steel Rule

“It is called narrow steel rule because of its width being less than the standard steel rule”. his Width only 5 mm happens, while Length 15cm or 6inch it occurs. It is used to measure thin groove or closed drilled holes, usually marked on one side of them.

4.Hook Rule

“This type of steel rule has a hook at one end, that is why it is called Hook rule They say”.

The hook allows for easy measurement of any hole or inside edge of a pipe. It is used for Inside Caliper, Divider is used to set 12 inch or 30 cm length are found.

Hook Rule

5.Key Seat Rule

this steel rule angle iron It has a sloping end on which inch marks are made. It is used to draw lines parallel to the axis on a cylindrical job (To mark the keyway),

6.Short Rule

A short rule consists of a set of short rules, in which 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ Has small scales. likewise 5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm The scales are in the metric system. These are used by a special handle to take measurements at greater depth.

7.Folding Rule

folding roll 1 meter or 2 meter Can measure length up to 15cm or 30cm can be done up to These are also made of wood or any other shaft metal, they are mostly used Carpenter ya pattern maker We do.

use of steel rule

Its uses are as follows-

  • Use it in the Workshop job measurement is done for.
  • Use of Steel Rule Divider is used to transfer measurements.
  • use this Odd Leg Caliper is used to transfer measurements.
  • use of steel rule Inside Caliper is used to transfer measurements.
  • use this Outside Caliper is used to transfer measurements.

Safety Precautions Of Steel Rule

The following points should be kept in mind while using steel rule in the workshop. Which is as follows-

  • this ever Cutting Tools Should not be mixed with
  • Steel Rule Use Anytime Screw driver should not be done instead.
  • It can be used anytime for a job. arbor Should not have to be cleaned.
  • Anytime in the sand while filing stranded chips Steel Rule should not be used to remove it.
  • of job Male & Female Part when mixing to hit lightly Shouldn’t do it.

Steel Rule QNA-

What is the least count of 1.Steel Rule?

Its least count in the metric system 0.5 mm it happens.

2.Steel Rule is made of which metal?

This Spring Steel & Stainless Steel made of, but sometimes High Speed ​​Steel are created.

3. What is the minimum measurement that can be taken by steel rule?

least measure by metric system In 0.5 mm And British system In 1/64 inch can take.

4.Picture of Steel Rule

This is a picture of Steel Rule. Which is being used a lot in today’s time, whether it is be the field of education either be the field of industries.

5. What is the lowest count of Engineered Steel Rule?

Engineer Steel Rule lowest count of in the metric system 0.5 mm and 1/64 inch in the British system it occurs?

6.How to prevent Steel Rule from rusting?

To keep it from rust, keep some things in mind. The first thing out of which is to keep the Steel Rule away from water, that is, it should not be in touch with water for a long time.
Secondly, after cleaning it thoroughly after using it. Oil Should be kept.

How to maintain the precision of the Steel Rule?

Friends, if we do not take care of its subtlety while using Steel Rule, then after its subtlety is exhausted, the measurement obtained from it will not be accurate, that is, we will get wrong measurement.
To avoid this problem, use the Steel Rule ends and sides It should be used keeping in mind that its ends and sides should not be worn. this ever Cutting Tools should not be carried with

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