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What is Sulfur? And in which sulfur is found and its characteristic

What is sulfur and what is sulfur found in, sulfur has been known since the early period of history. Indians first discovered its use as gunpowder by mixing it with niter and charcoal.

What is Sulfur? Where is sulfur found?

what is sulfur

So friends know what is sulfur, it is found in onion, garlic, egg etc. Sulfur in free state is obtained in Sicily and Louisiana. Hence the methods adopted for its extraction are called by these names.

physical properties of sulfur

Friends, I have told you what is sulfur, now let us know what are its physical properties and chemical properties.

  1. Sulfur is a solid, yellowish, odorless substance that is a poor conductor of electricity and a weak conductor of heat.
  2. It shows inconsistency. It is insoluble in water but soluble in CS and turpentine oil.
  3. On heating Sulfur i.e. sulfur, it melts at 112.8 degree centigrade and turns into a light yellow liquid.
  4. At 115 degree centigrade, its color darkens and changes into a series of open chain S₈ formulas.
  5. At 230 degree centigrade, it becomes viscous and very thick and it breaks into chains which join to form vertical molecules. These long molecules get stuck in each other. When the temperature becomes higher, these chains break further and the viscosity decreases with increase in temperature.
  6. When the temperature is 444 °C, vapors of the formula S₈ are formed, and molecules of the formula S₄ at 600 °C and then free S atoms at 2000 °C are produced.

chemical properties of sulfur

  1. Gandak burns in air or oxygen with a blue flame and produces dyes and trioxides.
  2. Sulfur reacts with alkalis to form sulfides and thiosulfates, and on the addition of sulfur to pentasulfides.
  3. It reacts with oxidizing acids like sulfuric acid and nitric acid and reduces them.
  4. There is no effect of water at ordinary temperature, but if steam is affected on boiling sulfur i.e. sulphur, then little H₂S is formed.
  5. It forms explosive mixtures with oxycarbs like potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate etc.
  6. On heating, sulfur, phosphorus react with arsenic, carbon and iron.

uses of sulfur

  1. The main use of sulfur is in making compounds like H₂S, H₂SO₄, sulfides, salts, carbon disulfide, sulfur fluoride etc.
  2. It is also used in medicine, explosives, fireworks, dyeing industry and match industry.
  3. Sulfur is also used as a disinfectant.
  4. It is used to vulcanize rubber.

final conclusionFriends, you must have known what is sulfur and I have also told you well about its use, if you like this post, then share it with your friends and to get instant information, telegram channel Please join thank you.

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