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What is the novel of Prakash ji himself? swayam prakash ji ka janm

Swayam Prakash ji was mainly famous as a Hindi story writer. Apart from the story of swayam prakash ji, he has also enriched novels, published works, essays, plays and other genres with his writing. In the field of Hindi literature, he was associated with writing giving importance to the people after the sixty-sixth generation. swayam prakash ji had received more than 8 honors.

In which “Rajasthan Literature,Academy Prize,Distinguished Literary Award,Vanmali Memorial Award,Subhadrakumari Chauhan Award,initiative award,Story Honors,Bhavabhuti,Ornamentation,Bal Sahitya Akademi Award On ‘Pyaar Bhai Ramshai’.

स्वयं प्रकाश का जीवन परिचय-
swayam prakash ji
self light About my self
Full Name self light
Birth January 20, 1947
Birth place Indore, Madhya Pradesh
death December 7, 2019
place of death Mumbai, Maharashtra
land of work India
field of work Hindi literature
major works On a burning ship, the charioteer of the jyoti chariot, later life story, Vinay in the middle, ‘Fuel’ and when will the sun rise etc.
education MA (Hindi), PhD (1980), Mechanical Engineering
award degree Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi, Rangheya Raghav Award, Pahal Samman, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan Award, Distinguished Literary Award etc.
fame Writer, story writer, novelist
citizenship Indian
Other information Prakash himself is considered an important storyteller of Premchand’s tradition. His stories have also been translated into Russian.

What is the novel of Prakash ji himself? (Swayam Prakash ji novel)

The novels written by Prakash himself are given below –

  • ‘Between Vinay’ (1994)
  • ‘North Life Story’ (1993),
  • ‘On the Burning Ship’ (1982),
  • ‘Jyoti’s charioteer‘ (1987),
  • ,fuel‘ (2004) are. And

‘Suraj Kab Niklega’ is a story written on the floods in the Marwari area of ​​Rajasthan in the 70s.

Write two compositions of Prakash ji himself in language style and literature?

Self-Language Style: Prakash himself has adopted the language-style for his compositions, simple, easy and sentimental language. He did Khari Boli which was popular in his compositions. In which many words like Tatsam, Tadbhav, Desh, Urdu, Farsi, English have been used in abundance, yet those words have become natural. Yet those words have become natural. Humor and satire have been the main themes of his works.

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