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What is the principle of electron called? , Properties

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to teach you that electron theory) What is that called. And what is a free electron, so if you want to know, then definitely read this article completely.

The modern form of the charge-carriers hypothesis is the electron theory. According to this theory all matter is made up of molecules and molecules can be divided into atoms. each nuclear There is a heavy part in the middle called ‘nucleus, Nucleus ) They say.

nuclear The number of electrons is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus. nuclear The amounts of positive charge and negative charge are equal. thus nuclear power neutral it happens . when in any nuclear If one or more electrons are removed from the nuclear gets charged. Conversely, if one or more electrons are given to an atom, then that atom becomes nuclear debt charged. Thus, an object being positively charged shows a lack of electrons in its atoms and a negatively charged object showing an excess of electrons in its atoms.

What is the charge of an electron?

proton (inside the nucleus of the atom) and electrons (which make up the hall) electrical charge it happens. It is the same in both cases, with the difference that the charge of protons is positive and that of electrons is negative.

What is an electron?

Electrons are small particles that move around the atomic nucleus. We find a much larger, similar example in the universe: the planets revolving around the Sun. There are many forms of energy. Your body takes energy from food and turns it into heat and movement.

This ‘ proton ‘ And ‘ neutron It is made up of particles called ‘. The proton has a positive charge, while the neutron has a low charge. Thus the nucleus is positively charged. A third type of particle revolves around the nucleus in different orbits. These particles are called electrons. The electron has a negative charge equal to the positive charge of the proton.

Electron is a negatively charged particle ( Particle ) Is. Its mass is almost negligible. Following are some important properties of electron.

  • charge on electron e = 1.602×10-19 coulombs
  • mass of electron m = 9.0 x 10 kg
  • radius of electron r = 1.9 x 10-15 m

What are the characteristics of electron and proton?

An electron is a type of subatomic particle that has a negative electric charge and is actively orbiting an atomic nucleus (composed of protons and neutrons), which has a positive electric charge.

The proton has a positive charge. Electrons have a negative charge. The charge of the proton and electron is exactly the same size, but opposite. Neutron has no charge.

according to the structure of the atom nucleus is associated with a force of attraction between the protons (+ve) and an equal (-ve) charge on the outer electrons. This force of attraction is greater near the nucleus and lesser when it is farther away. Substances whose atoms have only one electron in their outer paths are less attracted to the electron nucleus. They are free, if a special force is applied to them, they can flow. The force thus applied is converted into electrical energy. Free electrons have spaces in which this energy can be transferred. The flow of electrons is called electric current. Electric current unit of ampere Is.

free electron

of a substance nuclear The electrons in the orbitals close to the nucleus are bound by a strong force of attraction by the positive charge of the nucleus. But this force is very less on the electrons in the orbits away from the nucleus. Hence these electrons can be easily removed from their place.

Many of these electrons separate from their atoms and move freely throughout the substance. These are called free electrons. These electrons carry charge from one place to another in matter. Therefore, the electrical conductivity of a solid depends on the number of free electrons in it.

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