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What is the vortex current called?

Vortex currents are loops of electric current induced within a conductor by a changing magnetic field in a conductor according to Faraday’s law of induction. These currents flow in closed loops within conductors in planes perpendicular to the magnetic field. them Foucault’s currents also say.

friends, electric Machines and Machines incurs any kind of loss or damages; like- Hysteresis Loss, Iron Loss, Vortex Current Loss e.t.c. Through this post you will get information about vortex currents.

What is the vortex current called?

When there is a change in the number of magnetic lines of force passing through a conductor placed in an alternating magnetic field, then currents are generated in the conductor. These currents are in the form of vortices, which Eddy Current it is said.

Eddy Current

it’s own Magnetic Field Makes. This magnetic field works in the opposite direction and it also opposes the same reason by which it is generated.

Magnetic Due to the opposition of the field, the conductor becomes hot, due to which there is a lot of loss of energy, this is called Eddy Current Loss it is said.

use of vortex current

Its uses are as follows-

1.In Induction Furnace

In this furnace, the vortex current is used to generate high temperature. This is done so that the work done from the furnace can be done easily. After the high temperature is generated in the furnace, the metals are melted in the furnace to convert the alloys or metals into their ores.

2.In Electric Power Meter

The old Electric Power Meter has a power of shiny metal, which moves due to the vortex currents generated in it. These currents are generated due to the magnetic field generated due to the alternating current flowing in the coil of the meter.

3. In Making the Galvanometer Torpedo

when galvanometer/galvanometer Electric current is passed through the coil, then at that time the coil gets deflected and it stays for a long time. Oscillation Keeps doing

To stop the oscillating coil Eddy Current is used.

4.Applying magnetic brakes on trains

Eddy Current It is used as brake in electric trains. These Trains A metal drum is attached to the axle of the wheel. This drum rotates with the wheel.

Whenever the train has to stop, then at that time near the drum Strong Magnetic Field is generated. in which the drum Eddy Current are generated. These currents oppose the motion of the drum, due to which the train stops.

Eddy Current QNA

1. Who discovered the Eddy Current?

2. When was Eddy Current invented?

Discovery of Eddy Current 1895 took place in

3.Bhawar dhara loss occurs in what?

This Transformer , Motor Happens in To reduce this loss in the transformer Transformer Core Silicon Steel the thin laminated leaves is made from.

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