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What is thermit welding?

Friends, I have read in this post What is Thermit Welding? The use of thermit welding etc. has been told, if you want to get information then read the post completely.

What is thermit welding? (Thermit welding kya hai?)

In this welding powder is used in the form of foam, which is Thermit Powder it is said.
It is made from a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder, consisting of 10 parts iron oxide and 3 parts aluminum powder.

Thermit Welding

To perform this welding, this powder is fed into a thermit welding machine’s part steel shell igniter. After that to burn the powder barium peroxide is used. The barium peroxide chemical reaction generates more heat and generates the temperature required to smelt this iron.

this process 1550°C to 3000°C When this temperature is reached to the powder, the iron melts into the mold to form weld joints.

use of thermit welding

  • It is used to weld cracks in railway tracks.
  • Thermit welding is used to make heavy joints of large machines.
  • It is used to make weld joints in locomotive engines.

Friends, if you know what is thermit welding? If you liked the post, then tell me by commenting.

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