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What is Thermometer? What is Thermometer in hindi?

Hello friends, in this article we will know what is a thermometer (What is Thermometer) How many types of thermometers are there? Where are they used? And how does the thermometer work? And learn about many facts related to it.


thermometer or thermometer This Device It is clear from the name itself that what is meant by thermometer. “heat” And “measured” Temperature means temperature and measurer means measurement i.e. temperature measuring instruments It is called thermometer.

Type of Thermometer

Thermometers are divided into two parts according to functionality, texture, and value. Which are the following –

  1. mercury thermometer
  2. digital thermometer

mercury thermometer

A mercury thermometer is a thermometer that uses mercury (called mercury). That’s why it is called mercury thermometer. In this, a glass tube is used, mercury is filled in this tube, the temperature is recorded on this tube, as the temperature rises, the mercury melts and expands. And the increased temperature gets displayed on the tube.


If the temperature decreases, the mercury filled in the tube shrinks, which is seen as the mercury decreasing at the indicated temperature. and displays low temperatures.

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digital thermometer

A digital thermometer is a device made of plastic. It uses a display that displays the temperature. When the thermometer is placed in the hot spot, the raised temperature is displayed in the display.

When the thermometer is placed in a cooler location, the decreased temperature is displayed in the display. It displays the temperature in degrees Celsius.

Price of Thermometer

The value of a thermometer depends on its structure and functionality. The price of a commonly used thermometer ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.20,000. If we talk about hi-tech thermometer, then its value can be from Rs.10000 to Rs.150000.

Comparison of Digital and Analog Thermometers

If we compare digital and analog thermometer, both differ greatly in structure and functionality. Which are the following –

serial number digital thermometer analog thermometer
1. The price is higher. gets cheaper.
2. Made of plastic which makes it decoy. Made of glass which breaks quickly.
3. Ease of reading and gives accurate values. Not everyone can read easily.
4. It can be used for a long time. It stops being used within a short time.
Comparison of digital and analog thermometers

Precautions –

While using the thermometer, some things are used keeping in mind, those things are as follows –

  1. The thermometer should be cleaned thoroughly before use.
  2. In analog thermometer, mercury and tube should be checked thoroughly.
  3. The display and battery of the digital thermometer should be checked thoroughly.

What does a thermometer do?

Thermometer measures temperature hence it is also called thermometer.

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Read in Hindi: What is Thermometer? What is Thermometer in hindi?
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