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What is Three Jaw Chuck? parts of

Friends, what is the three jaw chuck in this post? The part of Three Jock Chuck has been told, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Three Jaw Chuck?

A chuck that has three jaws to hold the job is called Three Jaw Chuck it is said. to this self centering chuck also say. This chuck consists of two sets of chucks.

Three jaw chucks have three radial slots cut into these slots to fit all three jaws at an equal distance. These jaws or jaws are not reversible, due to which separate external and internal jaws are used.

Material of three jaw chuck

its body cast iron and all its moving parts; like- Bevel Pinion, Jaw or Jaw, Scroll Plate e.t.c alloy steel are made of.
all these moving components heat treatment By hard and tamper is done.

What is a scroll plate called?

spiral thread circular plate scroll plate it is said.

Parts of Three Jaw Chuck

Its parts are as follows-


Its face is hardened. in this part 120° angle Three faces are made at a distance. With the help of a chuck, three pinions are installed on the circumference of the body, which drive the jaw or jaw.

2.Jaws or Jaws

This part of Three Jaw Chuck high carbon steel Made of, it is hard and tampered. Two types of jaw sets are used in this. Hollow jobs are caught with the help of internal jaw and solid jobs are caught with the help of external jaw.

3.Back Plate

This cast iron The back plate of this chuck is the same as the four jaw chuck.

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