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What is Tri Square? How many types are these?

Try Square ( Try Square ) is a checking tool, it is made up of two parts, in which the first part is the blade and the second part is the stock. The blade and stock are set at a 90 degree angle, with the first part of the blade made of high carbon steel, and the second part stock made of mild steel or cast iron.

The blade is from 10 cm to 30 cm long, its surface is marked with cm and mm or inch marks. Blade can also be plane, 15 cm long blade is mounted in 10 cm long stock, this tool is used in every workshop shop. But it is specially used in the workshop and fitting shop.

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Try Square use of

  • to measure distance.
  • To check the flatness of the surface.
  • To check that two meeting surfaces are at right angles (90°).
  • To draw parallel lines and to check them.
  • To draw perpendicular lines to each other.

Try Square Types of

It is of four types-

(1.)(Fixed) or Fixed Tri-Square

This type of try square ( Try Square ) the blade is attached to the stock by a rivet at a 90 degree angle, so that the blade remains fixed in one place with the stock, hence also called a solid tri square. This type of tri square is used for simple work. Usually this tri square is used in the size of 100mm to 150mm.

Fixed Try Square

(2.)adjustable tri-square

In this type of try square, the blade is not attached to the stock, but a groove is cut at the top end of the stock. In which a pin fits, and the pin is screwed into a knurled nut. is adjusted by. The nut is caught in a rectangular groove the entire length of the middle of the blade, and when the nut is turned, it tightens the blade against the stock itself. Try this type Square Used where a fixed tri-square cannot be used. In this type of tri-square the blade can be set anywhere, the angles on either side of the stock are right angles.

Adjustable Square

(3.)Die-maker tri-square

It is used in making die and punch, its stock has two screws at the bottom. The larger of these is used to clamp the screw blade to the stock. The small screw is used to adjust the angle formed between the blade and the stock at an angle slightly greater or less than a right angle (90°). It is used to provide different types of relief angles in dies. The set consists of four blades to measure in different sizes-

(1.)Standard blade

It is about 12 mm wide and 65 mm long.

(2.)Narrow narrow blade

It is about 4 mm wide and 60 mm long.

(3.)offset blade

It is 3 mm wide, both sides are beveled.

(4.)bevel blade

It is 12 mm wide, both its sides are beveled, one end is 45 degree and the other end is 30 degree cut.

Diemaker’s Try Square

(4.)’L’ square

It is usually made of mild steel, which is 1.5 mm thick and 30 to 50 mm wide and 150 to 200 mm long, with British and Metric system markings on both sides. It is mostly used by masons, carpenters or tailors etc.


Tri-Square Method

Before checking the squareness of two surfaces, these two surfaces should be checked. whether it is flat or not. Tri square blade is used for this work, which is absolutely flat and straight. If the blade is placed directly on the surface of the jab. So when the surface is flat, the edge of the blade will be adjacent to the surface of the jab the entire length.

The edge of the blade is in contact with the job surface for its entire length. or not. To check this, see the surface between the blades or Of Light is passing or not. When the entire surface is perfectly flat, the light will not be visible from anywhere along the entire length of the blade between the surface and the edge of the blade.

More information:- about the scriber

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