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What is Turning Operation? Types of Turning Operation

Friends, welcome to my website, today I will show you What is Turning Operation? How many types is this? I will tell you about etc. If you want to get information, then read the post completely. So let’s start-

What is Turning Operation?

Turning Operation

In this process the job is held on the lathe machine and rotated on its axis. Thus the job moves against the cutting edge of the turning tool mounted on the machine, and the metal is cut out on the job in the form of chips, this action is called Turning Operation it is said.

Types of Turning Operation

The operations on the lathe machine are as follows-

1.Straight Turning

A job on a lathe is usually machined with two functions, the first to cut to size and the second to make the net diameter, which is to be cut to size. With the help of this process, the job is made of uniform diameter throughout the length.

2. Rough Turning

This process is used to remove excess metal from the job. In this, the job is cut quickly and the diameter of the job is made accurate. The job is then roughed up to give a finish cut. 0.80 mm Metal remains.

3.Finish Turning

This process is used to produce the job to the required size and achieve a good surface finish. Often a finish cut is required, as the diameter for the finish cut 0.75 mm – 1.25 mm No more metal is left behind.

4.Taper Turning

To cut the job on a lathe machine in such a way that it forms a surface at an angle with the axis of the metal, it is Taper Turning is called

5.Step Turning

When more than one diameter is machined on a shaft, the connecting section of each diameter is strap or shoulder it is said.

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